Lord Jones CBD: Would We Recommend it to a Friend?

lord jones cbd brand overview

Lord Jones CBD is one of the most recognized high-end brands in the CBD market that sells CBD-infused products at a premium price. But are they more style than substance? Are they a beauty brand first, and a CBD brand second? Or are they everything they claim to be to justify the high-prices of their products? Let’s dig in.

Lord Jones Company Overview

Lord Jones is an award-winning luxury CBD brand that offers CBD-infused skincare products, edibles, tinctures, and capsules. Cindy Capobianco is the brand’s founder. She had previously edited for multiple fashion magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, and Allure. And that comes through in the brand’s packaging and positioning.

Publications ranging from The New York Times, Forbes, The Cut, and Vogue have featured Lord Jones and their products. Many celebrities, including Olivia Wilde and Kirsten Bell, have praised their products. They’re also the first and only CBD products that are sold by Sephora. 

But is this reputation well-deserved, or do they just have a really good marketing strategy?

What products do they make?

Lord Jones offers a wide range of CBD products, including:

They have both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products. Some of their products are vegan while others are not – for example, their CBD gel capsules contain animal-derived gelatin. They do not test their products on animals and are designated as cruelty free.

What is the quality of Lord Jones products?

Lord Jones has won a number of awards. Their products CBD products have placed in the 2020 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards, the Refinery29 2020 Beauty Innovator Awards, and the Men’s Health 2021 CBD Awards. Lord Jones was also named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2019.

OK, awards are great, but Are Lord Jones Products Good?

As you can imagine, Lord Jones is a brand that’s associated with high-quality CBD products. Their products – including their topicals and edibles – include high-end ingredients. While many CBD brands go for a stripped-down, simple approach to their ingredients, Lord Jones uses a variety of premium ingredients to boost its effectiveness. Lord Jones’s face products, for example, are luxury products on their own, even before you consider the CBD.

What our experts say about Lord Jones:

“Lord Jones has an excellent reputation and has not received any warnings from the FDA for misrepresentation or making health claims. However, the company is still in the process of getting its Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certification. They offer a certificate of analysis for each batch of the product that you buy. Unfortunately, the customers cannot access the certificate of analysis unless after they have purchased the product. Compared to other successful CBD brands, Lord Jones is on the expensive side. However, the company offers free standard shipping on all types of products and offers a 20% discount to medical professionals, teachers, and US military personnel.” – Dr. Neil Shah

“Lord Jones has been around for awhile, which in this rapidly changing industry is a pretty good sign. Consistent, clean and safe, I feel like I would be comfortable putting any of these products in my body. That being said, I don’t get much of a sense of authenticity or compassion from Lord Jones. They claim to use the “finest” ingredients and have the “finest” hemp-derived oil in the world, which is QUITE the claim. I’m just going to have to disagree with them on all points in regards to how “fine” their ingredients really are.

There’s no word on organic certification. And nothing on where the hemp is sourced, let alone farmed. All-in-all, in my OPINION, I’d have to say that Lord Jones is the equivalent to a generic Target brand in terms of its CBD (it’s other ingredients in its skincare and bath products are all high quality) that you pay a premium for. But in terms of its CBD’s actual effectiveness, or any sense of community or giving back? A whole lot is left unspoken.” – Willy Christie

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Are Lord Jones Products Safe?

When shopping for CBD, it’s essential to check for third-party lab reports. Also known as certificates of analysis (COAs), these reports are conducted by an independent lab. They verify the contents of the products (in other words, whether the products contain what they say they contain) and also confirm that the products are free from harmful contaminants, such as molds, pesticides, and herbicides. 

One thing we don’t love is it’s not easy to see Lord Jones’s COAs. Once you purchase one of their products, you can enter the batch code into their website to search for the COA. While it’s great that they provide batch-specific COAs, their COAs aren’t easily accessible unless you’ve already purchased a product. Which is kind of a pain.

However, if you’d like, you can email them to request a COA for the products you’d like to purchase. 

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Yes, all their products contain less than .3% THC, making them fully legal in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This is also why you can buy their products at retailers like Sephora, as well as online.

Where do they source their CBD?

Lord Jones doesn’t provide specific locations when it comes to where they source their hemp. They only specify that their CBD is extracted from US-grown hemp. They also don’t explain where their products are processed, manufactured, and packaged. We wish they were clearer about this aspect of their process.

What is their brand ethos?

Lord Jones is a luxury CBD brand. Their products are on the expensive side, catering for consumers who are willing to pay for premium products. Everything, from their branding to their ingredients, suggests luxury.

Because of this, their products might not be ideal for someone who wants to use CBD every day. However, they’re a great company if you’d like to splurge on a quality skincare product or buy a special gift for someone.

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What are people around the web saying about them:

The Good

One Redditor shared that after trying Lord Jones CBD gummies, they “really took the edge off” and likened the effect of a “glass of red wine without the alcohol.” This redditor claimed to take medication for severe anxiety and considered Lord Jones to be a “low-level option for me.”

According to a review on Mashable, Lord Jones’ Royal Oil is great, but expensive. Reviewer Chloe Bryant gave it three stars out of five. She wrote that while she liked it, due to the price it was a “riskier buy than necessary”. And thought the $60 tincture “could be a better bet.” And if you were looking for a topical, you should “consider giving the High CBD Formula Body Oil a try.”

One blogger reviewed the Royal Oil on Plush Society, a vegan luxury shopping blog. She said it was a “surprising little oil” and found the effect to be “soothing” while finally understanding “the hype around CBD skincare.”

A reviewer on CBD Clinicals took a thorough look at numerous Lord Jones products. Giving the brand an 8 out of 10, they noted the Lord Jones uses the “highest-quality hemp-derived CBD-infused product.” And they backed the claims about “potency and purity.”

The Cut reviewer Jane Larkworthy called the Lord Jones CBD Tincture a “good mood in a bottle.” She also said her “hyper-sensitivity had lifted.” And while it didn’t have a huge effect she noticed that after consuming it she was “just…good.”

Review website Daily CBD gave Lord Jones a 3.85 out of five. They noted that Lord Jones makes a quality product, but that also comes with a cost, claiming “you wouldn’t buy Lord Jones products if you wanted average products.” And “you buy it because it’s luxurious.”

The Not So Good

A review on What’s In My Jar, a website that brings together “experts in dermatology, AI, and science communication to create a tool you can use to cut through the industry’s marketing BS” gave Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion only a “45 out of 100” for effectiveness and rated its irritancy potential as “medium”. They added: “Works for moisturization. Has good ingredients to attract water to the skin and then “seal it in”, keeping skin hydrated over time.” They gave the majority of Lord Jones products middle-to-lower reviews.

However, WIMJ did give Lord Jones CBD Lip Balm a 90 out of 100 for effectiveness, also rating its irritancy potential as medium, explaining: “Has good ingredients to attract water to the skin and then protect the lips from water loss over time.”

The majority of Lord Jones reviews on the Sephora website are positive. However, one reviewer rated their High CBD Formula Bath Salts as “a nice thought” but at the end of the day it’s just “a pricey soak.” She also noted that there are higher intensity CBD products out there that are likely more effective.

Another Sephora reviewer was a big fan of their Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer. She claimed this “luxurious face cream” was a premium product. She raved the this moisturizer left her skin “super quenched.” But one important Note: this reviewer also mentioned that the product was “gifted to me by Lord Jones.” So you may want to weigh that when trusting the transparency of that review. We always recommend reading any online customer reviews with a critical eye.

Our final thoughts – Is Lord Jones worth the money?

Lord Jones is a beauty brand first and foremost. They’ve done a great job of creating an identity that’s tied to high-end luxury in the CBD space. But we wish they were a little more transparent about the CBD in their products. There’s no question the make high quality products with high-quality ingredients. Their CBD, however, is a little bit mysterious. Where exactly does it come from? What’s the manufacturing process?

Despite these questions, their certificates of analysis and third party testing results show that it is indeed real. But given that they make finding out about their CBD difficult, we like them more as a beauty brand than a CBD brand. If you are looking for high-impact CBD-first products to treat specific ailments, we’d probably opt for something else. But if the price isn’t an issue and you’re looking for something that feels like the (literal) cream of the crop, then Lord Jones is worth it.

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