Lord Jones vs cbdMD: Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

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lord jones vs cbdmd broad spectrum tinctures

Trying out new brands is an intimidating venture. Especially when those brands are part of a completely new industry.  Let’s walk through the process of vetting out a CBD company. As well as what qualities we’re looking for when comparing different brands. Today we have Lord Jones, a familiar face from the cannabis sector. And cbdMD, “the only pure-play CBD company ever listed on the New York Stock Exchange.”  Lord Jones vs cbdMD — let’s break it down.

Lord Jones Overview

Starting with Lord Jones, the first sentence in their About Us states that “Lord Jones manufactures and distributes the world’s finest hemp-derived CBD infused topicals and ingestibles.”  Yet their website has no mention of how they grow or source the hemp. Let alone any mention of USDA Organic certification.  Plenty of high-profile media appearances though, if that’s what you’re into!  Lord Jones has been a big player in the California cannabis scene for awhile. And stayed largely above water the whole time.

This usually means one of two things. 1) They could have a massive bankroll replete with investors who see a great business model in marking up mediocre products with a fashionable package. Or 2) they have captured the hearts of a fickle industry by caring about customers and patients first.  Now I can’t say for sure which category Lord Jones falls in. But I can’t help but feel it may be more of a case of the former situation. For what it’s worth, Lord Jones uses ISO-certified third parties to test all their products. So that’s good.

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cbdMD Overview

Next up, we have cbdMD. Very professional branding, very pharmaceutical and sterile. According to their website, they “do things differently.”

Skimming past words like superior, proprietary, wellness, and high-quality, I can’t help but be a little bit turned off by the corporate lingo. However, they do mention sourcing their high-quality hemp from US grown sources. And that cbdMD adheres to Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and has the certification to prove it. Lots of third-party testing and certification for cbdMD. I’m into it.

CBD Oil Tinctures: How Do These Products Work?

Today we are looking at a broad-spectrum CBD tincture from each company.  Tinctures are typically alcohol based, but both are alcohol-free. I prefer the term sublingual to describe these products more accurately, but to each their own. “Tinctures” are a good way to consume CBD daily. You don’t have to smoke or inhale anything. And it can be a little more convenient than a sugary edible or the like. While the effects don’t kick in quite as fast as inhaling, sublinguals and tinctures offer a happy and comfortable medium between smoking and eating or ingesting CBD. By the way, since these products are broad spectrum, they contain zero THC (so these won’t get you high.)

Anyone can incorporate CBD into their daily ritual. But most people buying these products are looking for a nice and subtle anxiety relief or sleep aid. If you haven’t heard CBD and wellness uttered in the same sentence, let me do the honors. Due to lack of any approval from the FDA, the most any brand can say about their CBD is how it “helps promote and maintain a sense of wellness, or well-being.”

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Lord Jones vs cbdMD: Let’s Compare the Ingredients

That said, each CBD product is only as good as the ingredients. So let’s dive in. The Lord Jones Hemp-Derived CBD Oil contains four or five ingredients, depending which formula you get. Peppermint flavor contains the addition of hemp seed oil, for whatever reason. Both contain grape seed oil, “flavor” oil, hemp oil, and stevia leaf extract.

The stevia makes it taste sweeter. The grapeseed oil is a nut-free carrier oil, and the “flavor” oil is either lemon or peppermint.  Nothing organic, nothing fancy.  Pretty straightforward and simple. Nothing to see here folks. Let’s check out the cbdMD tincture.

The cbdMD CBD Oil contains hemp extract (CBD, CBG, CBN – all great cannabinoids) MCT oil, and natural flavor.  Also no mention of any organic ingredients.  Again, nothing fancy. 

The Verdict on Ingredients

If I had to choose between the two in terms of ingredients, I’d have to go with cbdMD. Mostly because I don’t like stevia.  If you love a little Stevia in your coffee, then Lord Jones is likely your choice. They’re honestly very similar, and it’s a pretty even toss-up. 

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Let’s Compare Price and Value

Now for value, let’s look at the milligrams of CBD per dollar. And then figure in any craft methods, or organic/high quality standards. 

First up, Lord Jones CBD tincture is $55 for 250mg.  That comes out to ~4.5mg per dollar. The cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture is $70 for 750mg. Coming in at a nice 10.7 mg per dollar.  

The Verdict on Price and Value

Once again, cbdMD emerges as the leader in value with over twice as many mg of CBD per dollar.  Not too difficult considering both products are very similar.

Lord Jones vs cbdMD: Let’s Compare Brand Trustworthiness

Value and ingredients are important. But companies can easily slip through the cracks claiming an extraordinary price, or tricky ingredients that aren’t what they seem. So let’s take a look at each company’s “trustworthiness.”

And then come to a final decision about which brand we’d recommend to take into your home.

Lord Jones’ website is filled with high-profile media appearances. But as I mentioned earlier, little to no information on their methods of growing their hemp. Both Lord Jones and cbdMD are a part of the US Hemp Roundtable. But that seems to be more on the legislative side of the CBD industry. 

On the other hand, we have cbdMD. The bottom of their website has four various certifications or memberships to different industry associations. cbdMD belongs to the US Hemp Roundtable, Natural Products Association, and the Hemp Industries Association. In addtion to being GMP certified. I don’t think I need to go into much detail as to how much more accountability must come along with all of these memberships.

The Verdict on Brand Trustworthiness

cbdMD it is.

Lord Jones vs cbdMD: In Conclusion

So overall, we have a pretty flashy and trendy company going up against a sterile, but scientific brand. While the cbdMD CBD Oil tincture may not necessarily be a better product than the Lord Jones Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures, they certainly are a better value, and potentially come from a more trustworthy company.

That being said, if the Lord Jones vibe is just going to absolutely complete your wellness aesthetic, who am I to stop you?

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