Lazarus Naturals Vs Pachamama: CBD Gel Capsules

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Lazarus naturals vs Pachamama CBD Vegan Hemp Gel Caps

Ah yes, the convenience (and cleanliness) of capsules. Is there anything more American than just popping a pill to fix your troubles? It’s certainly up there on the list.  Here we have a delicate balance being struck between the pharmaceutical world of pills and capsules. And the more holistic hippie approach of plant wellness and extracts. On one hand, you have a clean and most likely sterile oil being placed into a gel capsule. And on the other hand, it is a process and product quite removed from the old-fashioned way of ingestion through inhalation. I’m not one to turn down science just because it is, well, science-y. So let’s dive in and look at Lazarus Naturals vs Pachamama’s CBD capsules.

Specifically, we Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels going up against Pachamama Vegan Hemp Gel Caps. 

Lazarus Naturals Overview

Starting with Lazarus Naturals, they have the word “Naturals” in their title, so I’m going to be expecting pretty much that.  Natural.  And according to the About Us section on their website, I would have to agree.   They farm their own non-GMO, pesticide free, USDA Organic hemp in Oregon, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This amount of vertical integration, from farming to processing, allows the company to keep the prices low and the potency high.  Which I’m sure we can all appreciate.  They give back to the community through several channels. And they have what looks to be a highly transparent approach to doing business.  All great in my book.

Pachamama Overview

On the other hand, we have the brilliantly branded Pachamama.  We’ve reviewed some of their products before, but for those of you just tuning in, let’s recap.  Pachamama has the look of a great, holistic and conscious company, and by all accounts seems to walk the walk.  Simple, clean and trustworthy ingredients.  Single-sourced hemp for consistency and dependability.  They also mention a fully solventless, (CO2 and water are technically solvents!) extraction method that uses heat and air.  Proprietary, obviously, with a list of patent-pending technology.  Pachamama gets points for style, innovation, and quality.

So What, Exactly are CBD Gel Capsules?

Today, we’re looking at each brand’s vegan gel capsules containing full spectrum CBD extract.  In the past, softgels were not vegan.  In fact the “Gel” comes from gelatin, which in turn comes from animal bones.  However, each brand has found a way to encapsulate these oils in a container that doesn’t use ground up animal parts. Which is refreshing. The concept of a softgel is to surround the active ingredient. Which in this case is CBD oil extracted into another fatty carrier oil.  The goal of these capsules is to provide an easier dosage than a tincture, with far less mess.  Just pop a pill and get your wellness on.  

This type of product is usually designed for the more on-the-go style of consumer.  Someone who may be more familiar or comfortable with prescription drugs.  That is not necessarily a bad thing. Generally this method of prescription/ingestion has been filtered and refined to where there is little guess-work for the user.  Not all of us have the time or energy to jump into a life long love affair with this plant. And many just want to feel better in a safe and natural way, NOW.

Lazarus Naturals Vs Pachamama: Let’s Compare the Ingredients

In comparing ingredients, I found that when compared to the rest of the CBD market, both companies stand out as great examples of how to “do it right.” At first glance, they both seem similar. But one thing I noticed was that Lazarus Naturals’ ingredients contained a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract as well as CBD isolate.  That strikes me as a bit odd. The Pachamama capsules are only three ingredients, which is beautiful.  Lazarus Naturals seems to be reintroducing a lot of terpenes. And that questionable isolate decision makes the ingredients list a little confusing to me.  Not there there is anything wrong with re-adding terpenes as an ingredient. It just seems to defeat the whole full-spectrum approach. 

The Verdict on Ingredients: I’m going to have to hand it to Pachamama on this one.

Lazarus Naturals Vs Pachamama: What About Price and Value?

Next up, we have price and value. In the Pachamama Gel Caps – Jar of 30, we have 750 mg of CBD for $49.99. Or about $.06 per milligram of CBD.  Lazarus Naturals has a 40 count jar with 1000mg of CBD for $30. Which comes out to a cost of $.03 per milligram of CBD. Or half the cost of the CBD.

The Verdict on Price and Value: So while Pachamama may have better, simpler ingredients, I’m going to have to give it up to Lazarus Naturals for the price. Because it’s still high-quality hemp with the right intention. I think we may be seeing the “vertical integration” effect really hitting home here.

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Lazarus Naturals Vs Pachamama: What About Trustworthiness?

Finally, we have brand trustworthiness.  As I’ve mentioned, both companies make an effort to bring the full benefits of the cannabis plant to consumers in a safe, clean and affordable way.  While Pachamama doesn’t have their own farms per se, they really shine in the simplicity and quality of their ingredients.  And on the other hand Lazarus Naturals is a simple, honest company. As a business, LN seems to be making a lot of smart financial decisions. That creates a lot of value that is then passed down to us. 

The Verdict on Trustworthiness: When it comes down to it, Pachamama had less head-scratching moments for me. So I have to hand it to them, but not by much!  In terms of integrity, Pachamama and Lazarus Naturals are very, very close.

Lazarus Naturals Vs Pachamama: In Conclusion

So overall, we have Pachamama winning out in ingredient quality and brand trustworthiness. While Lazarus Naturals takes the cake for value. But let’s not forget how close Lazarus Naturals was to Pachamama every step of the way.  All in all, for being half as cheap, Lazarus Naturals is more than half as good as Pachamama. 

Pachamama is definitely worth the money if you have a little expendable income to drop on the highest quality ingredients.  But if you’re more of a budget-minded consumer looking for something that is a good balance of affordable and trustworthy, look no further than Lazarus Naturals.

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