10 Best CBD Oil for Dogs to Help Anxiety, Arthritis and Thunderstorms

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Best CBD oil for dogs review recommendations arthritis and anxiety

Before we kick off this list of the 10 best CBD oil for dogs, we want to make one thing clear. This list is in no way in any order of importance. This isn’t going from 1-10. All these oils are great in their own way and one may be more perfect for your dog than another. So choose whichever one seems to fit your pooch the best. Also, all these oils have been tested by third party labs and are from respected companies. Since CBD (cannabidiol) is generally safe for dogs, we are confident in all these brands and products. And all these products contain less than 0.3% THC, which means they will not make your dog high or give him/her any psychoactive effects as long as you stick to the recommended dosages. They contain little to no preservatives and are from brands that have stood the test of time. We want pet owners to have all the right information

Also, these products vary from using isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts. Each one is different, but we wanted to include a wide array. And all these natural products are good for everything from anxiety, pain, separation anxiety, arthritis and other issues.

In case you’re new to CBD, here’s a quick primer on CBD types:

Isolate – Pure CBD, zero THC but also nothing else. Additional cannabinoids potentially offer some more benefits, especially when they all work together. Which is called the “entourage effect.”
Broad-Spectrum – Hemp CBD extract that has a bunch of extra cannabinoids and terpenes, but also no THC. Right in the middle of isolate and full-spectrum hemp.
Full-Spectrum – All the additional cannabinoids, terpenes and a little bit of THC as well (although none of these contain more than 0.3% THC.) There’s thinking that a little THC helps boosts the benefits of CBD.

One quick note on CBD for pets

Here at The Greenest, we want to bring you the highest quality information possible. So, before we get into the CBD products, we want to include a few quick disclaimers:

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any CBD products to treat disease in animals yet. This means that the highest standard of evidence for CBD’s effectiveness has not been reached. And products can’t claim to help with things like seizures.
  • Still, research is only getting started. The strongest research on CBD for pets focuses on its benefits for pain, but only a few studies have been done so far. Other claims are based on word-of-mouth, studies in people, or research on smaller animals like mice. Smaller animals also have endocannabinoid systems, but they work a little different than humans.
  • Always talk to your veterinarian before starting CBD for your pet. Do not use CBD to replace an existing medication without your vet’s approval as there could be potential side effects. And always give the recommended dosage. Safety first! — Nicole Wanner, DVM (Yeah, she’s a vet.)

OK, let’s get to the list.

Lazarus Naturals THC-Free Flavorless Sensitive Pet CBD Tincture

Best CBD Oil for Dogs Lazarus Naturals

Why We Like It: This CBD oil has no THC (it’s made from isolate hemp cannabidiol extract.) This is perfect for pet owners who don’t want to give their pets any products that contain THC. Even if in trace amounts. And Lazarus Naturals makes fantastic products for both pets and humans. Since it’s isolate, you get much more pure CBD for the dollar — but no other cannabinoids to provide the potential entourage effect — that’s the tradeoff. Making it a great starter CBD oil for your dog.
What is this CBD oil for: Smaller dogs that may be a little more finicky about taking CBD. That’s why it’s called “sensitive.”
Pros: A lot of bang for the buck when it comes to pure CBD.
Cons: It’s isolate CBD (which can also be a pro if you don’t want to give your dog anything with any THC at all.)
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NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Best CBD oil for dogs NuLeaf Naturals

Why We Like It: NuLeaf makes a solid product using only two ingredients. So it’s an all-natural option (as are most of the products on this list.) And this CBD oil is full spectrum, which gives your pup all the great cannabinoids in addition to CBD. You can drop this into their food or use the dropper to put a few drops into their mouth (depending on the size of your dog.) We always go the “put it in the food” route because it’s just so much easier.
What is this CBD oil for: Anxiety, stiff and achey joints
Pros: Very few ingredients, all natural,
Cons: It’s a little pricy for pet CBD oil. You have to purchase the product to see their lab results.
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Charlotte’s Web CBD Drops for Dogs

Best CBD oil for dogs Charlotte's Web

Why We Like It: Charlotte’s Web consistently makes great products. They use full spectrum hemp CBD and are certified by the U.S. Hemp authority. They did receive a warning letter from the FDA around the labeling of their products in 2017, but that issue seems to be behind them. They have become one of the more respected brands in the space. This oil comes in both chicken and unflavored options in case your dog hates chicken (although we’ve never met a dog that hates chicken.)
What is this CBD oil for: This isn’t formulated to support any specific ailment. It’s more of a general wellness for your dog. As well as separation anxiety. If CBD works for you and you’d like it to work for your dog, this is a solid option.
Pros: Charlotte’s Web uses the exact same hemp extract in their pet products that they use for their human products. In short: their human CBD is the same as their dog CBD.
Cons: At 8.6mgs of CBD per dollar this product falls on the pricier side.
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Fountain of Health Paw Power Pet CBD Oil

Best CBD oil for dogs Fountain of Health

Why We Like It: This is full spectrum CBD oil for pets that is also a pretty great deal. It’s all natural with only two ingredients (Organic MCT and hemp extract). And the packaging is absolutely no frills (which we like!)
What is this CBD oil for: General issues for dogs — from arthritis and mobility problems to anxiety and nervousness.
Pros: A solid value. It is made with minimal ingredients and is packed with 11mgs of full spectrum CBD hemp extract per dollar.
Cons: Their packaging definitely wasn’t made by a high-paid designer. For some this is a turnoff. (But we actually think this is a pro!)
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Palmetto Harmony’s Palmetto Paws CBD Oil

Best CBD oil for dogs Palmetto Paws

Why Pet Owners Should Like It: USDA-certified organic full spectrum CBD oil for dogs? Yes, please.
What is this CBD oil for: All the standard issues pets deal with. Everything from joint pain to freaking out about thunder.
Pros: You don’t see a lot of certified USDA Organic products in the pet space. And it’s from South Carolina (not sure that’s a total pro, but we like it when new states emerge in the CBD space.)
Cons: At 7mgs of CBD per dollar, it’s pricy. But you are paying for the organic certification.
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Green Gorilla Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs and Pets

Best CBD oil for dogs Green Gorilla

Why Pet Owners Should Like It: We make a point of saying this list in not in any order, but Green Gorilla makes an amazing product that’s also an epic value. This oil is USDA-certified organic and offers a massive 26mgs of full spectrum CBD per dollar.
What is this CBD oil for: All the issues your dog may suffer from that range from anxiety and licking issues to creaky joints and achey paws.
Pros: This is a great deal with great ingredients.
Cons: It sells out a lot. (Insert sad-faced emoji.)
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Honest Paws Calming CBD Oil for Dogs

Best CBD oil for dogs Honest Paws

Why We Like It: While most CBD oils on this list have two or three ingredients, Honest Paws adds a little chamomile to promote a little extra calming effect. This is a full spectrum CBD hemp oil from a super solid company. They also offer a “no questions asked” 30-day guarantee.
What is this CBD oil for: Nervous dogs that hide or bark like crazy when there’s a thunderstorm or visitors or anything else that causes anxiety.
Pros: Honest Paws uses simple ingredients (organic, although not USDA certified) and are a well-respected brand. Also a great deal.
Cons: If we’re being super picky they say they are organic, but aren’t “USDA-Certified organic.” A lot of companies fall in this bucket, though. So we’re reaching to find a con here.
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Martha Stewart CBD Oil Drops for Dogs

Martha Stewart CBD

Why We Like It: Martha Stewart is a big fan of both animals and CBD. And we actually like her pet CBD products better than her human ones if we’re being honest.
What is this CBD oil for: Dogs with stomach issues who could use a little CBD in their furry lives. This is “tailored to be gentle” on your pup’s tummy.
Pros: We like Martha. And this broad spectrum product is great to give your pup all the good cannabinoids in addition to CBD, with zero THC.
Cons: Despite what we just said, broad spectrum isn’t as effective as full spectrum, but a great starter since it contains no THC.
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CBDMD Paw CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

CBDmd for pets

Why We Like It: This is a broad spectrum CBD product that’s also formulated by veterinarians. CBDMD is a great brand that uses the GMP (good manufacturing practices.) It also comes in peanut butter flavor, which we don’t see a lot.
What is this CBD oil for: This is formulated to help dogs with stress and anxiety issues. It’s made to help your dog stay calm, cool and collected.
Pros: A product made by a respected brand. And it checks all the boxes of being vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO etc. So they care about what goes into their products.
Cons: Sometimes this brand feels a little too sterile. But not bad if you want a super medically-focused company instead of the hippy-er side of CBD.
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CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture


Why We Like It: CBDistillery goes out of their way to use the aerial parts of the hemp plant. And they add in some hemp seed oil to aid in digestion. And who doesn’t like some good digestion? They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee.
What is this CBD oil for: Since it’s full spectrum it should help calm your pet down as well as make him or her a little more spry, too.
Pros: CBDistillery also uses the same hemp extract for their pet and human products. Which is a good sign they aren’t skimping on the products for pups and other pets.
Cons: We wish we had a little more info on where they source their hemp. We know it’s from the US, but we always like to see a specific state or hemp farm.
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In Conclusion

There are a lot of good CBD oils for dogs on the market. And there are a lot of not-so-good CBD oils for dogs on the market. If you’re interested in giving your dog CBD oil, then we hope you consider these natural products — or ones with similar attributes. Because CBD can help support your dog’s endocannabinoid system which helps regulate metabolic stress, their immune system, pain and a handful of other issues. (And who doesn’t want an endocannabinoid system that’s in homeostasis?) And CBD can potentially help with everything from separation anxiety, general anxiety, seizures, inflammation and aging issues. We will continue to update this list as we review more products and find great ones that are worth your time and money.

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