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Fountain of Health Paw Power Pet CBD Oil

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This product is meant to help pets receive the benefits of CBD.

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Simple, clean, and safe. Fountain of Health offers seemingly no frills in its CBD product line. The Paw Power Pet CBD Oil is no different. They even tell you that it’s safe for humans! Two ingredients: MCT Oil and Hemp-derived CBD. Paw Power is also Full-Spectrum, so this product will be much more effective (read: strong!) than other Broad Spectrum oils on the market. – Willy Christie

What is Paw Power Pet CBD Oil?

This Oil is a product meant to help provide pets with the health benefits of CBD. The product is unflavored to make it easier to give to your pet orally or add to their food and drink without them noticing.

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How Much CBD is in this Paw Power Pet CBD Oil?

There is 500 mg of CBD in one bottle.

Will This Product Get Your Pet High?

No. The oil is full spectrum, which means it does contain THC. However the amount is very small so it’s unlikely to cause psychoactive effects for your pet.

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How Much Should You Give Your Pet?

One dropper should be an adequate daily dose for your pet, depending on the size of your pet. The standard rule for giving CBD to your pet is based on how much they weigh. Administer anywhere from 1-5mg for every 10 pounds a pet weighs every 8-12 hours (we suggest starting with 1mg at first and then moving up depending how your pet reacts.)

For example, if your pet weighs 7 pounds, you can give it anywhere from 1-5 mgs twice a day. If it weighs 15 pounds, you can give it 2-10mg of Paw Power Pet CBD Oil twice a day, and so on.

One important thing to remember: This contains such a small amount of THC that it will not have a psychoactive effect on your pet (i.e: it won’t get high.)

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How Long Will it Take to be Effective?

CBD Oil usually takes an hour to a couple weeks take effect, although this may be quicker for animals. We always recommend trying CBD products for 2-4 weeks before deciding if they’re beneficial for your pet. That’s usually how long CBD takes to become fully effective.

Yes. While the oil does contain THC, it is only a trace amount and within legal guidelines. In short, it’s legal in all 50 states.

Is Paw Power Pet CBD Oil Tested and Certified?

Yes. Every product made by Fountain of Health contains a QR code that allows customers to see all tests conducted on the product, as well as showing the exact labs they were manufactured in. Fountain of Health was also given an “A” grade by the Center for Food Safety. The highest score possible.

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