Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder

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Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder

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A big on the pricy side, but there is a lot of good stuff in this powder.

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Four Sigmatic is taking protein powder to a new level by adding seven adaptogenic ingredients to it’s plant based protein. The 18 grams of protein come from chia, pumpkin, hemp, coconut, and peas, so good news for anyone avoiding dairy or soy. When it comes to mushrooms, they’ve added Chaga, lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail all at 200mg each. While 200mg of these mushrooms isn’t enough to really impact your health, it can be a great supplement to other mushroom products. So this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood powder really lives up to its name.

In addition to quality plant protein and their signature adaptogenic mushrooms, Four Sigmatic also included ashwagandha and eleuthero for an added adaptogen boost. As always, all of the ingredients used are USDA-certified organic and tested for potency. This superfood protein powder is unflavored, making it a great addition to all sorts of dishes, sweet or savory. The only obvious downside is the price.  One container is $50 and only provides 18 servings. The total cost of your smoothie with this powder is likely to be a little steep.


Are you worried you’re not getting enough protein each day? Do you want to increase your protein intake without eating animals? Are you tired of us asking all these questions (don’t answer that one.) Then this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder is a great way to up your protein intake. But this isn’t just protein. It’s protein in the form of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. If you don’t know much about why mushroom-based proteins are better than regular protein powders, let us explain. Or at least try to.

Medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens have been used in Chinese and Eastern European cultures for centuries. They have used them for everything from immunity support, gut health, liver support and overall stress and anxiety issues. These are ancient homeopaths. The thinking from these other cultures is that the phytochemicals in these mushrooms help you stay in balance and keep a bit of homeostasis. In North America, our FDA has not approved any of these plants and herbs to cure or treat any disease.

Anyway, since this is unflavored, you can add this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder to almost anything you want. Smoothies, pancake batter, anything you’re baking, or anything you’re drinking. Well, almost anything. We don’t recommend it in a martini.

Does this Use Fruiting Bodies or Mycelium? 

This has fruiting bodies. Four Sigmatic says they use fruiting bodies in all their products. And that includes this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder. The fruiting body on a mushroom is the cap. The toadstool, if you will. This is where the highest concentration of all the antioxidants and good stuff is. It’s also the most expensive part of the mushroom to extract. Some brands use the mycelium, which is the root structure of the mushroom. This is cheaper, and is thought to have less of the good stuff.

This product is also USDA-certified organic. Which we love to see in the supplement space. It shows they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the quality of their products.


Each serving has 18 grams of protein and a whopping 1500 grams of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens. As we mentioned, this is pricy. But they sure aren’t skimping on what’s inside.

WILL THIS Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder GET YOU HIGH?

No. Not at all. These are not the mushrooms that make you see God. Unless you have a really big telescope while you’re sipping on a protein smoothie. These are the mushrooms that help you feel less stressed.


Start with just one scoop of this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder for the first few days and see how you feel. Then do what feels right.


This is our least favorite question. How do you feel after taking vitamins? Or eating a salad? Medicinal mushrooms aren’t like an aspirin. These are products to incorporate into your lifestyle. Like you would a fish oil pill. It’s not like you turn into Captain America after a scoopful of this. And anyone who tries to sell you that isn’t someone you should ever listen to again.

Yes, 100%. These are basically the same mushrooms you buy at the grocery store, only a lot more nutrient dense.

DO THEY TEST AND CERTIFY THIS Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder?

Four Sigmatic says they “vigorously lab test” all their products. Which sounds a bit strong, but we’ll go with it.

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