Trust. That’s missing in the health and wellness space of functional mushrooms, CBD, adaptogens, cannabis and the new wave of “productivity supplements.” The Greenest wants to change that. 

We formed The Greenest team because we have been in the functional beverage, CBD, medicinal mushroom and adaptogen space for a while. We looked around and didn’t see the kind of voices and information that we wanted to see. Most sites seemed to be run by the brands themselves. Other sites seemed to talk past those who were curious about the potential benefits these new products offered them.

A lot of them only talked up the positives of energy and gut health supplements and drinks, CBD (it’s a cure all!) and functional mushrooms (biohack your way to immortality!) Or they give you a laundry list of products that all look and sound the same. While we think they have many potential benefits, they are not a panacea. And they’re not for everyone.

And that’s OK! 

The Greenest is a collection of doctors, budtenders, registered dietitians, health and wellness experts and authors who understand the intersection between wellness, the foods we eat, exercise and activity. As well as functional foods, CBD and adaptogens. We know how to read a label. We know which brands have been around long enough to have built trust with consumers. And we know which brands may be promising more than they can deliver. 

And we aren’t afraid to speak the truth.

Think of us as your friend who is taking you to their favorite shop, walking you around the aisles and explaining the products — including the potential benefits and drawbacks, pricing, quality and trustworthiness — for everything on the shelves. 

We won’t recommend a product if we haven’t or wouldn’t try it ourselves. We’ll keep you informed on not only the basics, but what’s trending. 

We’ll also throw in some great wellness, health and fun content as well. We won’t ever try to sell you. And we’ll talk to you the way you’d want your trusted friend to talk to you. Ready to join us?