Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion's Mane

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Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane

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Just like your morning cup of Joe, but actually a whole lot better.

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Medicinal mushroom products are in the middle of having a moment, it seems. And why shouldn’t they? Mushrooms (medicinal or…non-medicinal?) are great vegan plant-based (duh) ingredients that provide a powerhouse of antioxidants, protein and all around good stuff. Some people call them superfoods. And this Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane fits the bill. It’s high-quality coffee mixed with Lion’s main and Chaga. Both of which are a couple of the superstar medicinal mushrooms. The main purpose of this mushroom-infused coffee is to give you all the good stuff about coffee (waking up, staying awake, enjoying being awake etc). But without all the negatives we get when we drink too much coffee (jittery shakes, heart sweats, the twitchy tics etc.) That sounds like a pretty good tradeoff, right?

Four Sigmatic is a company with a great reputation. This product is USDA certified organic. And use the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) for all their products. They are probably the leading company in the space, which doesn’t always equate quality. But they have been doing this a long time, they also talk a lot about how they lab test all their products. Plus they are big fans of Finnish saunas. What’s not to like about that?


This Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane is a single origin fair trade ground coffee. Which is then blended with a mix of Lion’s Mane and Chaga – both of which are medicinal mushrooms. This is not just ground up mushrooms pretending to be coffee (that can sometimes be confusing if you’re new to medicinal mushrooms.) This is a coffee product that’s infused with medicinal mushrooms. You use it in your coffee maker just like any other ground coffee. And it doesn’t actually taste like mushrooms, either.


Where do we start here? If you like coffee, you should consider giving this a try. If you like what medicinal mushrooms have to offer, you should consider giving this a try. Basically, it’s for someone who’s looking for a little more out of their morning mug. Coffee is great, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes we feel like this little ritual could be a little more beneficial. And that’s what this mushroom infusion does.

Side note: this is a dark roast, so it’s also for those who like their coffee to taste like something.

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Does this Adaptogenic Medicinal Mushroom Coffee contain Caffeine? 

It’s not decaf, so yes it does contain caffeine. And just to drive the point home this is coffee grounds. With some helpful mushrooms mixed in. You don’t need to overthink this.

HOW MUCH Medicinal Mushrooms is in this product?

Each serving contains 250mgs of Lion’s Mane and 250mgs of Chaga. So it’s not chintzy when it comes to packing each mug with these mushroom pals. Editor’s Note: We’re not totally sure if these mushrooms are pals. But we like to pretend they are.

IS Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane MADE WITH PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS?

No. These aren’t psychedelic mushrooms. Or “‘shrooms” as your pizza delivery guy calls them. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to all the medicinal mushroom-based products. These won’t get you high. They are literally cousins of the shiitakes in your supermarket.

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HOW MUCH Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane SHOULD YOU Consume?

Drink it like you would your regular coffee. And if you’re anything like us, that means having three cups. Then thinking “I’d like another cup of coffee, but probably shouldn’t.” Then having that fourth cup and immediately regretting it. And then for some reason having a fifth cup an hour later because we never learn our lesson.


This is coffee. You know the drill. And everyone’s body is different when it comes to adaptogens. Anyone who tells you this superfood will turn you into SuperPerson after 10 minutes is not telling you the supertruth.

Yeah, and we don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but these are just regular ol’ legal mushrooms. Like the ones you buy in any supermarket. These are just a little bit better. But they won’t get you high in any way at all.

IS Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane TESTED AND CERTIFIED?

Oh yeah, Four Sigmatic has a huge laundry list of information about their lab results on their site. And while we like the massive breakdown they have about their results…we don’t actually see the results. Or at least we couldn’t find them. And we looked pretty hard. (We even put on our glasses.) So we’d love for them to post their results online, much like CBD brands do.

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