Is CBD Safe for Dogs? What To Know for Fido

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

While most people accept that CBD is a safe and helpful substance for humans to take, many wonder if the same is true for their pets. And while the amount of studies on how CBD affects dogs isn’t as well-documented as in humans, research suggests that CBD is perfectly safe for your dog to take.

As with humans, CBD can treat a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety. While there are not as many studies about how CBD affects dogs, many veterinary experts tout its benefits for our canine friends. Unfortunately, many vets are not allowed to discuss treating pets with CBD due to rules and regulations of the industry. This may soon change, as California passed a bill in 2018 allowing veterinarians to discuss CBD treatment options with patients.

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Some CBD Side Effects in Dogs

Some minor side effects have been seen in dogs taking CBD. The main ones are dry mouth, drowsiness and short-term low blood pressure. Most of these are temporary side effects, and will go away within only a few minutes of taking CBD.

Due to these side effects and the lack of research surrounding CBD and dogs, it’s recommended that pet owners give a smaller dose to their furry friends than they would a human. The general rule of thumb is a dose between one and five milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds your dog weighs. So, a 50 pound dog can receive a dose between five and twenty-five milligrams. If you stick within these guidelines, you will likely not encounter any issues with your dog.

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As a result of increased attention to the health benefits of CBD, veterinarians and researchers are taking a greater interest into how it affects pets. So future studies will likely provide more details about how safe CBD is for dogs.

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Make Sure The Products Are Tested and Certified

Make sure any CBD product you purchase is certified and tested. No matter if it’s for you or your pet. Always look for a COA – Certificate of Analysis – performed by a third party. A COA should test for the accuracy of CBD and THC levels. But more importantly they should also test for any harmful chemicals or additives like heavy metals or pesticides. Because the CBD industry is still in transition, there’s no way to be completely sure. But a COA from a reputable lab will go a long way to giving you piece of mind.

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