Don’t Give Your Dog CBD If It Contains This Ingredient

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don't give your dog CBD with Xylitol

Everyone loves their dog. But the problem is our pups sometimes have some problems. Whether it’s the aches and pains of getting older, or something more serious, we want to do all we can to give our dog’s their best life. Which brings us to CBD. With CBD products increasing in popularity thanks to its various therapeutic effects, it’s not surprising that people are sharing the love with their furry friends. In short, don’t give your dog CBD with Xylitol. Before you share your CBD stash with Fido, be sure to check what’s in it because some ingredients can be deadly for dogs.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Current research into CBD for dogs is limited to a few small studies and some anecdotal evidence. What’s available so far, though, is promising.

CBD may help dogs with pain management, anxiety and other behavioral issues, and seizures.

While many vets agree that CBD is safe for dogs when given in appropriate doses, not all CBD products are safe.

With studies and regulations lacking, choosing a safe CBD product for your pet requires some homework so you know exactly what you’re giving your dog. And FYI—reading the label isn’t enough. (More on that in a minute.)

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Xylitol is Deadly for Dogs

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that’s used in all kinds of sugar-free or “skinny” products, like gum, ice cream, and yes, CBD products.

In humans—with the exception of giving some the runs—xylitol is safe. In dogs, however, Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs and potentially fatal is ingested, even in small doses.

Xylitol is quickly absorbed into the canine bloodstream and results in potent release of insulin that causes a rapid drop in blood sugar—or hypoglycemia—within 10 to 60 minutes of consumption. It can cause seizures, liver failure, and even death.

Though the FDA has been warning people about the dangers of Xylitol in dogs for years, it’s been popping up in CBD products for dogs.

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Symptoms of Xylitol Poisoning in Dogs

Knowing the symptoms of Xylitol poisoning in dogs is important for any dog parent, especially if you give your dog CBD.

Symptoms can develop within minutes of consuming Xylitol. Adverse effects may not be noticed until 12-24 hours later.

Take your dog to an emergency animal hospital right away if you think they’ve ingested any product containingxylitol or if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • vomiting
  • weakness
  • decreased activity levels
  • staggering
  • incoordination
  • collapse
  • seizures

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Don’t Give Your Dog CBD with Xylitol: Choosing a Safe CBD Product for Your Dog

Whether for people or pups, choosing a quality CBD product is important. That means choosing one made with quality ingredients. The problem is that the ingredients listed on the label of many CBD products aren’t accurate, according to various reports.

Different studies that have looked into CBD products have found that many products, including CBD products for animal use, are mislabeled.

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Some products have been found to contain higher or lower doses of CBD than labeled. While others contained other ingredients not listed on the label, as well as contaminants. Some contained higher amounts of THC that advertised, with THC even being found in products claiming to be THC-free.

To be sure you’re getting a safe CBD product for your dog:

  • Ask your vet what CBD products they recommend
  • Only buy your CBD products from a reputable seller
  • Only buy CBD products that are labeled specifically for pets
  • Choose organic CBD products for dogs
  • Make sure the product is third-party tested
  • Read the product’s certificate of analysis (COA)

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Other Ingredients to Watch Out For

Xylitol is definitely up there as one of the top ingredients to avoid giving to dogs. But other CBD products can be problematic for a pooch.

THC, for instance, can be toxic to dogs. Dogs are proportionately more sensitive to THC, and smaller dogs are especially susceptible to the effects of even a small amount of THC because of their size.

THC toxicity in dogs can cause: sleepiness, wobbliness, pacing, vocalizing, leaking urine, sensitivity to light and/or sound, changes in heart rate, slowed breathing, and low body temperature.

You’ll also want to steer clear of any CBD products that contain chocolate. CBD chocolates make a tasty treat for humans, but can make a dog sick.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to CBD, it’s simple. Don’t give your dog CBD with Xylitol. And when it comes to CBD products, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ask your vet, read the labels and then double check the quality of the CBD brand you’re buying from. (And also make sure you’re not giving them too much THC!) Lots of dogs take high-quality CBD products and have shown promising results. But the upside is as long as you’re aware of the right questions to ask, you check the quality

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