Ananda Hemp full spectrum CBD Oil 600 mg

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Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an organic, non-GMO product perfect for slightly more experienced consumers.

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The Greenest Says:

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil looks to be made with hemp flower, as opposed to industrial hemp. This makes a higher quality product, but at a price. The carriers are hempseed oil and MCT oil. The addition of “botanically-derived” terpenes is most likely going to do more for the flavor of the oil than change the effects. – Willy Christie

What we say about the 2000mg version: This is the exact same product as the 600mg, but about 4mg per dollar cheaper. If you’re already committed to a CBD regimen, and you have the money to stock up, do yourself a favor and get it in bulk. It is a larger bottle, so keep in mind that the dosage per dropper will be different than the 600mg bottle.
Willy Christie

What is Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

This CBD oil grown, processed and packaged in Kentucky. It is a Full Spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains other cannabinoids as well in the product. These additional cannabinoids work together to help enhance their effects and improve user experience. Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an organic, non-GMO and 100 percent vegan product made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

How much CBD is in It?

One dropper contains 20 mg of active cannabinoids.

Will this get you high?

This CBD oil is Full Spectrum, meaning it does contain trace amounts of THC. However, the amount is very small (less than 0.3%) and will not produce the psychoactive effects in users that lead to a high.

Yes. It contains less than .3% THC, meaning it is legal in all 50 states.

How does Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum taste?

Full spectrum hemp oils tend to taste a little earthier than broad spectrum oils. This is due to the increased amount of terpenes, phytonutrients and other compounds found in full spectrum products. You should want your full spectrum products to have a bit of an earthy taste.

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How long will it take to feel the CBD effects?

CBD drops usually take less than 30 minutes before effects begin. But this will change depending on whether you ingest the product orally or add it to a food or drink.

How much should you take?

Ananda recommends taking one dropper per serving, which contains approximately 20 mg of cannabinoids. There are approximately 30 servings in each bottle. More experienced users may want to take multiple servings in a day, as 20 mg is often on the lower end of recommended doses.

Can you drive after drinking this?

Yes. While this product does contain THC, the amount is too small for the psychoactive effects we associate with the substance. Your ability to drive should not be compromised.

Will this show up on a drug test?

Maybe, but most likely not. There is THC in this product, which many employers still test for, particularly in states where marijuana is not legal. However, there are only trace amounts of THC in this CBD oil, which may not be large enough to be detected in a drug test. And since the amount is so small, it will break down in your system quicker. But if you know you’re taking a drug test where THC is being monitored, you should be aware.

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