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Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is an organic, non-GMO product perfect for users that are sensitive to or wish to avoid THC.

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This Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is the same product as the Full Spectrum 600 CBD Oil, but without the THC. This seems to be more of an option for someone wary of THC and its potentially intoxicating effects. It’s the same price as the full-spectrum oil, which seems a bit odd! And it is a bit pricy when it comes to the amount of CBD you get per dollar. Especially for a broad-spectrum product. Ask for a discount ;) – Willy Christie

What is Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

This CBD oil is grown, processed and packaged in Kentucky. It is a Broad Spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. These additional cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects, providing a better user experience. But it does not contain THC, which may be important to some consumers. The Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is an organic, non-GMO and 100 percent vegan product made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

How much CBD is in It?

One dropper full of Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains 20mgs of active cannabinoids. The beauty of broad-spectrum CBD is that it’s a happy medium. Isolate CBD contains zero THC but no other cannabinoids. Full-spectrum hemp CBD contains all the cannabinoids (like CBG, CBN and CBC) as well as THC. But broad-spectrum is all the cannabinoids without the THC. (Goldilocks would love it.) So if you are hesitant to try THC, then this gives you some of the entourage effect without any concerns around getting high.

One other note: We get a lot of “will this get me high” questions. Mostly due to the confusion around CBD and cannabis (CBD is not cannabis). But also because full-spectrum products do contain THC. But as long as it’s less than 0.3%, it shouldn’t make you feel high at the recommended doses.

Why do the endocannabinoids matter?

Well, you have an endocannabinoid system. And it helps regulate and balance everything from your immune system, your metabolism, memory, sleep, anxiety and more. No one is exactly sure how CBD and other cannabinoids help the endocannabinoid system, but we’ll have to rely on the anecdotal evidence until more research is conducted.

Ananda hemp products also have plenty of terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. And who doesn’t need more phytonutrients in their system? (We’re not sure. That’s more of a rhetorical question.)

Additionally, Ananda offers free shipping on orders over $50. And a 30-day money back guarantee.

Disclosure: The FDA hasn’t approved CBD to treat things like sleep, pain or anxiety.

Will this get you high?

No. While Broad Spectrum oils contains other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, they do not contain THC, which is the one that produces the psychoactive effects that makes users feel high.

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How long will it take to feel the CBD effects?

While several factors such as method of consumption and weight will affect the timing, usually a user will feel the effects of CBD oil drops less than 30 minutes after taking it.

How much Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil should you take?

Ananda recommends taking one dropper per serving. Each serving contains approximately 20 mg of cannabinoids. There are approximately 30 servings in each bottle of Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

Can you drive after consuming this?

Yes. This product does not contain any THC, so users won’t feel psychoactive effects that would impair their ability to drive. But no matter what, yoy should always make sure you take the recommended doses.

Will this Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil show up on a drug test?

Most employers will only test for THC, not CBD, in a drug test. And this product does not contain any THC, so you should be good to go. If your employers test for all cannabinoids, there’s a chance this will show up, but most do not. But no one can say for certain what will show up on a drug test. But chances are this will not.

Is Ananda hemp certified and tested?

Yes, according to their website, all their hemp is rigorously tested and certified by the Kentucky Secretary of Agriculture.

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