Martha Stewart CBD: Would We Recommend it to a Friend?

Martha Stewart CBD products review
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Company Overview

Martha Stewart, well-known businesswoman and TV personality, launched her own line of CBD in 2020. She launched her CBD line in partnership with Canopy Growth, a Canadian hemp and CBD company. We all know Martha can do wonders with a tablescape and a Sunday brunch menu. And we love her for that. But what about her CBD?

First off, she has what feels like an authentic origin story. The brand was founded because of Stewart’s own experiences with CBD. She found that CBD had numerous positive effects, such as helping her deal with stress. But the CBD products she found weren’t to her taste: they were too sweet or had flavors she didn’t like. She decided to combine the technology and research of Canopy Growth with her expertise in flavor to create pure, gourmet CBD products that are sophisticated and delicious.

This brand has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Refinery 29, and Insider, among others. Why? Because she’s Martha Stewart. And she joins a long line of celebrities jumping on the CBD bandwagon. Her celebrity status has an obvious impact on how much coverage the brand may get, but are her products good enough to stand in competition with other major CBD brands?

What products does Martha Stewart CBD make?

Martha Stewart CBD makes a range of CBD products, including:

All consumer products are CBD isolate, meaning CBD that has been refined of other cannabinoids and compounds, leaving only pure CBD, with no byproducts, color, or flavor. Some of her pet products are made with broad spectrum hemp CBD, which includes some additional cannabinoids.

Their oils and gummies come in a wide range of citrus and berry flavors like Meyer lemon, kumquat, and blood orange, as well as raspberry, huckleberry, and black raspberry. Their pet chews and oils come in a range of flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and roasted chicken, and there’s an unflavored option.

What is the quality of Martha Stewart CBD products?

Martha Stewart CBD products are all made in the U.S and derived from 100% U.S natural hemp. They claim that all other ingredients are sourced from trusted and high-quality suppliers.

There are no artificial colorants, flavors, or preservatives and all ingredients can be found on the online shop, per product.

Do they make safe products?

While Martha Stewart is a trusted health and wellness personality, partnering with a massive global company like Canopy Growth brings a lot of added consumer confidence to the brand.

Their website offers the ability to search for the certificate of analysis (COA) of your product. These products are tested by an independent lab. You can view the COA by adding the product name or lot number of the item. This means you can easily view the COA online before purchasing the product.

Their pet products have been certified by the National Animal Supplement Council.

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What do our experts say:

Martha Stewart has launched her own CBD brand with some unique CBD products provided at affordable prices. The products are distributed through Canopy Growth, which is one of the largest cannabis companies. These products are made with natural ingredients and flavors and you will find hundreds of positive reviews on these products. Martha Stewart CBD has no warnings from FDA show that these products comply with the federal rules and regulations regarding CBD extracts. The brand is quite transparent, offering safe CBD products which can be tracked for the certificate of analysis. — Dr. Neil Shah

Where do they source their CBD?

The Canopy Growth website states that all their products use 100% U.S natural hemp. But they don’t provide the specific locations of the growers.

It does, however, mention where their manufacturing and other operations take place:

  • Operations and logistics in Denver, with a commercial team based in New York City
  • Advanced manufacturing in Kirkwood, NY
  • Hemp extraction and innovation at KeyLeaf Life Sciences in Batavia, IL
  • CBD research in Evergreen, CO
  • Pet health innovation at Canopy Animal Health in suburban Atlanta, GA

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What is their brand ethos?

Martha Stewart has always based her brand on improving health, wellness and connecting with her fans and customers. Through her time as a TV personality, she has always taught people how to live healthier, happier lives. It was no different when it came to CBD. After she was introduced to its qualities by Snoop Dogg, a former co-presenter, she experienced its benefits in her own daily wellness. She knew she wanted to spread the knowledge. 

The Martha Stewart CBD brand ethos is all about making accessible CBD products for people of all ages. Their prices are relatively affordable, coupled with Martha Stewart’s flourish of delicious gourmet flavors. The aim is to demystify CBD and make it more appealing because they believe in its power.

David Klein, the CEO of Canopy Growth, told the New York Times: “Can we sell a lot of stuff because Martha put her name on it? That’s not necessarily the win. The win is to build that authentic connection with the consumer base.” 

What are people on the web saying about Martha Stewart CBD?

Several well-known publications and blogs have reviewed her products. And most reviews are very positive.

Restorative Review rated them 5/5 for taste, 4.5/5 for price, and 3.5/5 for range. They loved the flavors of the gummies. But for a stronger effect, they recommended the oils and gels. They loved that her CBD was made with “100% U.S. grown hemp.” They also like that it was “tested for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and other toxins” as well.

When reviewing Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummies, Brooke Marine, Associate Digital Editor of W Magazine, was a fan of the taste (“It tasted like a regular gummy.”) But she wasn’t sure if she felt any significant effects on her sleep quality or her neck and back pain. 

Emily Sharp at Very Good Light found the CBD oil to be smoother and easier to use than other CBD oils. She takes one dropper to help maker her sleep “smooth and serene.”

Overall, the reviews seem mostly positive, but as it’s a really recent product, time will tell as it reaches more and more consumers.

So would we recommend Martha Stewart CBD to a friend?

In case you didn’t know, we’re fans of both Martha Stewart and CBD around here. She’s friends with Snoop, she’s been to jail, but she can also make you a beautiful wreath out of a handful of sticks and some string. You can’t say that about very many people. Are her products a perfectly wonderful bespoke line of artisanally-grown USDA-certified organic full spectrum CBD handcrafted in a Colorado log cabin? No. But are they a safe, and pretty effective entrance into the CBD world by a trusted and well-loved celebrity? Oh yes. And if she can help get more people open to at least trying CBD, then we’re here for it and recommend it whole-heartedly.

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