Green Gorilla CBD: Would We Recommend it to a Friend?

Green Gorilla CBD would we recommend it

Even though CBD is relatively new, there are some CBD companies that feel like big corporations. In fact, the entire industry can sometimes feel like it’s a lot of products manufactured by giant hedge funds. And everything is turning into just a happy label on a gummy or oil product to make you think it’s made by hand in a log cabin by a wise old grandmother. But when you dig a little deeper you see that they’re really industrial hemp with a high-priced marketing campaign. And that’s why we love to see brands like Green Gorilla CBD. They literally do everything right as far as we can tell. USDA certified organic. Third party ISO lab tested. And pretty amazing prices when you consider the quality. Especially when it comes to their pet products.

A quick Green Gorilla CBD overview

Green Gorilla CBD is a Malibu-based CBD and hemp company established in 2013, founded by film producer Sir Steven Saxton and his partner, businesswoman Katherine Guevara Saxton. 

The Saxtons were introduced to CBD through working with celebrities. They both took a keen interest in it and witnessed its health and wellness benefits in their own lives. Committed to sharing these benefits with others, the couple decided to start Green Gorilla. 

With Steven Saxton’s background in entertainment and finance, coupled with Katherine Saxton’s background in nutrition and business, the pair founded what is now a well-known and reputable CBD brand. According to the Saxtons, they found there to be many CBD products on the market, but few with high quality and certified organic CBD. They wanted to change this.

Green Gorilla was the first company to have their CBD products certified as organic by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This was a big deal as it set a precedent for quality in the CBD industry. One should opt for organic CBD products when possible, as it guarantees that your products won’t contain traces of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful contaminants.

Green Gorilla products are sold online and at more than 5000 retailers in the US and Europe.

What products do they make?

Green Gorilla offers a large range of products, including topicals, supplements, and pet and equine care.

The type of products you can find include:

The oils are available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate form.  All great to keep your endocannabinoid system in homeostasis. And full of the all the terpenes you’d expect from high-quality products.

What is the quality of Green Gorilla products?

As a brand, Green Gorilla is known for its high-quality products. As all their products are certified organic, plant-based, kosher, and soy, and nut-free, these items are appropriate for people with a range of dietary needs.

What do our experts say about Green Gorilla

“Cheap and organic? It doesn’t get any better than this. The provide such a great product I almost have trouble believing it. Almost.” – Willy Christie

“Green Gorilla CBD is a farm-to-shelf CBD Company with complete control over all processes in the production of its CBD products. They offer pure CBD, full-spectrum CBD oil, and products such as gummies, topical oil, and tinctures. Green Gorilla has a grade A rating by the Center of Food Safety. The company also claimed to be the first USDA-certified organic hemp CBD company. It appears to comply with all CBD regulations regarding the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and marketing of CBD products.” – Dr. Neil Shah

Do they make safe products?

On top of Green Gorilla being the first CBD company that was certified as organic by the USDA. And they have their products tested by a third-party lab. It’s easy to view their third-party lab testing. The products in their online shop have a link to each product’s certificate of analysis. Each product is tested to make sure it’s free of pesticides, herbicides, and solvent-free. And they also test to make sure the potency matches what’s on their labels.

All the third-party testing is carried out by laboratories that are ISO-certified. That provides full traceability, batch reporting, and quality assurance.

They were also one of only four CBD companies to receive an “A” grade from the Center for Food Safety Independent Evaluation of CBD Products in 2019, an “A” being the highest rating. More than half of the companies studied in this evaluation failed.

Where do they source their CBD?

Green Gorilla’s website states that they have farming partners growing hemp organically in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. They also own a 1474-acre organic hemp farm in Arizona. Again, all their farms are certified organic by the USDA.

What is their brand ethos?

Safety and sustainability are central to Green Gorilla’s brand ethos. They are passionate environmentalists and care about combating climate change. They proudly promote the growth of organic hemp and are a “seed-to-shelf” company with sustainable organic farming practices, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

While hemp is in itself a sustainable, environmentally friendly crop, they use regenerative growing methods to ensure the protection of the earth, local communities, and animals. They conserve water by using a natural aquifer with holding ponds to water their plants. Green Gorilla also promote nutrient-rich soil which retains water from rainfall, reducing the need for watering.

They differentiate themselves by actively seeking scientific studies and reviews of their products, to enable them to ensure their safety.

What are people on the web saying about them?

The majority of reviews for Green Gorilla are very positive.

A reviewer on The Blade tested a few Green Gorilla products writing individual reviews for each product. But overall, they had this to say about them. “Green Gorilla has quality CBD products, is reliable and transparent, and in line with most label claims.”

Additionally, Green Gorilla received an excellent average score of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot.

One Trustpilot reviewer, Lynn Sides, had this to say: “I have always had trouble falling asleep. Green gorilla CBD oil has really saved me. I get a good night’s sleep every night.” While another reviewer rated them 5 stars, saying, “By far the best, most effective CBD products. The only ones that help me get through a rough flare-up with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. This brand is legit!”

However, Tyler Swell rated the company a slightly lower score of 3/5 on the site CBD Oil Review. “…This international outfit is a member of a tiny group of CBD companies that actually have the USDA organic seal. This means that all ingredients, all processes, are clean and sustainable. Green Gorilla is a company we trust.” However, he was unable to rate them a perfect score as he couldn’t find evidence of the company doing any charitable work. 

So, Would We Recommend Green Gorilla CBD to a Friend?

100% wholeheartedly yes. Overall, Green Gorilla is a reputable CBD company that focuses on organic practices. All of their products seem to be safe and legitimate. A huge plus is that they were the first CBD company to be certified as organic by the USDA. Reviews of Green Gorilla seem to be mostly positive, with many customers finding their products to be effective and pleasant to use. And our reviewers literally love all their products.

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