7 CBD Product Recommendations from Yoga Instructors, Cyclists and Personal Trainers

CBD product recommendations from yoga instructors, cyclists and personal trainers

CBD is a compound widely touted for its many uses across the health and wellness vertical. Much of this is due to new, emerging research highlighting CBD’s therapeutic properties. And athletes, yoga instructors and personal trainers need a lot of therapies. So what are some of their CBD product recommendations? We interviewed a few of our favorite athletes to learn more about their must have CBD products and recommendations.

One group that’s shown extra interest in CBD are athletes. CBD is so popular among athletes that sports leagues have even begun taking steps to eliminate anachronistic cannabis bans altogether. The MLB removed cannabis from the banned substances list in 2019. The NFL followed suit in March of 2020 when they modified their policies so players would no longer be suspended for cannabis use. 

In many ways athletes are ideal test subjects to experiment with CBD. They push their bodies to their limits on a daily basis and are constantly on the go, which means they need products that work and can act fast. This kind of lifestyle also demands a commitment to recovery, which is why many athletes have found solace in CBD’s therapeutic properties. 

The CBD Product Recommendations from Athletes and All-Around Active People:

Avid Cyclist and Runner Arlene Guzman

Arlene spends a lot of time on her bike. She also happens to be the Founder of Arlene Guzman Communications. Her passion for running and cycling eventually led her to CBD: “I love any roll on CBD product due to the convenience factor and ability to use on the go,” she says. “The roll on containers fit in my bike pouch and are easy to use while on the road with my winter cycling gear.” 

These days Arlene’s CBD Product Recommendation is the Wildflower Wellness CBD Cool Stick for on the go relief:

“After cycling for several miles or hours, my legs are tired,” Arlene continues. “The Wildflower Cool Stick has 300mg of CBD and a minty, cooling feel, which helps relax my muscles and lower back significantly. It’s like rubbing BenGay or Tiger Balm—without the mess and the pungent smell. 

Since it’s a topical product, it targets my aches directly without putting me in a relaxed state. Ingestible forms of CBD make me very relaxed and sometimes sleepy, so they’re not ideal when I’m on the road.”

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Adam Andrews Johnson, Yoga Teacher

Peek into Adam’s studio and you’ll find a swarm of grinning yogis in every corner of the room. Animated chats fade into reverent tones as they enter the space. Some of them take a moment to bow, or simply take in a deep breath as they place down their mats. 

This is a typical moment you can witness at Adam’s Stoned Yoga classes. Classes are hosted at the Burning Spirits Yoga studio in Portland, OR—which just so happens to be adjacent to the dispensary Jayne. 

“I think cannabis has the potential to create great focus, and that’s an essential part of yoga,” says Adam. “Focus and clarity of the mind, connection of mind to body, relaxation of the physical…the combination of cannabis and yoga is beautiful.”

Adam actively encourages his pupils to use cannabis to guide them through sessions. He embraces the plant medicine, particularly full spectrum CBD oil, as a key aspect in the ceremony. So what is his CBD product recommendation?

“I’ve been a yoga teacher for over 14 years, and I have taught over 5000 classes. 

The brand that I absolutely love is called CBD Apothecary! They make cannabis-infused tinctures with full spectrum cannabis oil, suspended in either vegetable glycerin or coconut oil. I’ve also used their medicated lotions, which blew my mind. They produce an entire range of products, including THC tinctures, but their CBD products are fantastic…most of the products are single-strain small batch infusions, totally great stuff!

Theirs were the products that I brought to my Stoned Yoga classes! I think their medicine is wonderful for yoga; a little tincture under the tongue or in a bit of sparkling water right before the class, and the medicine gradually kicks in with the yoga practice.”

Mountain Athlete and Adventure Journalist Aaron Bible

CBD isn’t just for yogis. Athletes of all disciplines can (and do!) enjoy its benefits daily. 

Aaron Bible happens to be one of those athletes. He’s a mountain athlete, adventure journalist and keen proponent of using CBD. So, what are a few of his CBD product recommendations?

“As a mountain athlete, I’ve been using CBD products really since the very beginning,” begins Aaron. He continues,

“When it comes to CBD, I find the muscle creams to be the most powerful and effective, used primarily for recovery and minor injuries. I’ve used a lot of these.

One of my favorite brands is Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. Partly because of the consistent high quality I’ve found with them in all of their products. Their muscle/recovery cream is called Muscle Marvel. It’s available fragrance free which I like, in a small pump bottle, with something like 15mg of CBD per pump, so it’s strong.

I also really like their Skin Stuff for chafing (a big deal for endurance athletes) and I used their Bounce Back [capsules] for aches and pains, Go Better for energy boost, and hangover helper as well I’ve found effective for dehydration and headaches.” 

Learn more about Aaron by checking out his Instagram

Personal Trainer Jimmy Meaker CBD Product Recommendation

Jimmy Meaker is a personal trainer based in the UK. While he was always curious about CBD, he refrained from trying it because he never knew how to shop for it. 

“It’s a little harder to shop for CBD products when you’re in the UK,” he tells me. “You never quite know what’s dodgy vs. what’s reliable.”

One technique Jimmy’s since adopted when shopping for CBD is looking for products that have been tested by third party labs. These test results are known as Certificates of Analyses, sometimes abbreviated as ‘COAs’. 

For daily muscle aches and pains Jimmy swears by Pure Sport CBD’s 1000 mg Muscle & Joint Balm:  

“I typically use CBD topicals on the base of my neck. When I use this balm I feel at ease where the muscle is strained…a general sense of warmth. Muscles are relaxed and not as tight.”

Jimmy recommends CBD to his customers for the same reasons: “If they train hard during a session I’d recommend the balm. It’s good for inflammation and helps improve movement in the area.”

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