Do Flavorings Alter CBD Oil’s Effectiveness?

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Do Flavorings Alter CBD Oil

Most cannabis products — including CBD — have a very distinct, earthy kind of taste. Some people enjoy this natural flavor and think it’s the true representation of the hemp plant. Other people hate it and it makes them.  But one question we get a lot is: does adding flavorings alter CBD oil’s effectiveness? If you add a fruit flavor, or mint flavor to an oil, does it lessen the CBD inside?

Since you need to keep the CBD drops under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing, it’s important to choose a product that tastes palatable to you. For this reason, many people choose to purchase flavored CBD oils. All flavoring does to your CBD product is mask the taste. This doesn’t change the effect CBD has on you. If CBD helps you sleep better. Or if it helps you feel better after a workout, the added flavors won’t lessen that effect.

But does this mean that you should go hog wild with flavored CBD oils? If you’re interested in finding out how this works, or whether you should purchase flavored CBD oils, keep reading!

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Do flavorings alter CBD oil’s effectiveness

What are CBD flavorings?

The cannabis terpenes is responsible for the cannabis plant’s taste, smell, and color. Since many people don’t enjoy the natural terpene taste, flavored CBD oil is pretty standard in the cannabis market. Often, this is done by mixing a flavored oil with a full-spectrum extract. It is also possible for you to flavor your CBD product yourself by purchasing flavors.

Both flavored and unflavored CBD oils are made in a similar way. CBD is extracted and combined with MCT oil (an oil containing medium-length chains of fats called triglyceride). The only difference between flavored CBD and unflavored CBD is that flavored CBD has flavors added to it.

Some flavored CBD products have natural flavors added to them. These could be derived from essential oils, fruits, or even vegetables. There are cannabis companies that also use artificial flavorings and terpene blends to change the flavor. While neither of these flavors should impact the CBD product’s effectiveness, we recommend steering clear of artificial flavoring.

As with everything, natural is better. And look for ingredients that you can pronounce. When the words on the label have 15 letters, it’s a good sign it’s not natural.

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Flavored CBD vs unflavored CBD

Deciding on whether to purchase a flavored or unflavored oil largely depends on personal preference. If you are using a CBD oil in drop form to go under the tongue, you may prefer a flavored oil. However, some people find the flavored oils too strong and would prefer an unflavored oil.

If you are adding the oil to drinks or meals, we recommend using an unflavored oil. Flavored oils risk overpowering the taste of the food.

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Benefits of flavored CBD

  • These usually taste better if they are being consumed alone.
  • A wide variety of flavors means you’ll have the option to choose and change CBD flavors.
  • Flavored CBD can be more palatable for pets and children.

Benefits of unflavored CBD

  • The taste can be less overpowering than flavored oils.
  • Unflavored oils tend to be cheaper.
  • If you’re avoiding additives, unflavored CBD might be your best bet.

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Flavoring your own CBD

It is both safe and relatively easy to flavor your own CBD oil using flavorings like vanilla essence or almond essence.. If you have accidentally purchased an unflavored CBD oil or would prefer to flavor your own CBD oil, then you can simply add flavoring to your CBD oil. 

All you have to do is add a few drops at a time, shake the CBD oil, and taste. Keep doing this until the flavor is satisfactory. But remember: you can take the flavoring out.

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Do flavorings alter CBD oil’s effectiveness: Masking the taste of CBD

If you have unflavored CBD oil and choose not to flavor it, you can mask the taste using these tips. There are many ways to mask the taste, including adding it to meals or eating it with a mint. 

Chase the CBD drops with chocolate

In a bar, you might chase a strong alcoholic shot with something sweet. You can do the same thing with CBD. After the drops have been under your tongue for a minute, eat some chocolate or your favorite candy. 

Add honey to the drops

If you really can’t bear the taste of the CBD drops, add a few drops of honey under your tongue before taking the CBD drops. This natural sweetener will mask the taste.

Mix the oil with edibles

Mixing the oil with food is a great way to completely mask the taste. The only downside is that it has a slower absorption rate (upwards of an hour). Don’t up your dosage, hoping the effects will kick in quicker — this won’t work!

Have it with a mint

Do you have a mint or Tic Tac handy? Pop this under your tongue with CBD oil. Since mint is quite an overpowering taste, it can mask the herbal taste of the oil. 

In Summary: Do flavorings alter CBD oil’s effectiveness

At the end of the day, the flavorings don’t alter CBD’s ability to help support issues around sleep, pain, recovery, anxiety and mood. If you are still unsure whether you should purchase flavored or unflavored CBD products, it’s a good idea to try a few different products to see what suits your palette.

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