More Than Just Bears: What are CBD Gummies?

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what are cbd gummies

Edibles are one of the most popular types of products in the cannabis industry, so you’ve likely heard of marijuana gummies. But CBD gummies are another type of product that people often confuse for those with marijuana in them. Here’s all you need to know about what CBD gummies are.

For starters, they are derived from the same process as other CBD products. Manufacturers extract CBD from either hemp or marijuana. This extracted CBD is usually in liquid form. They then take the liquid CBD and add it as an ingredient in their gummy products. Then when they’re done cooking, they contain all the benefits of CBD.

Many people worry that CBD gummies will get them high, the way marijuana ones do. This is not the case. CBD can be extracted from hemp, which is in the cannabis family but contains almost no THC, the compound in marijuana that gets a person high. But even when the CBD derives from the marijuana plant, manufacturers can ensure that almost no THC is extracted. Currently, federal law allows CBD products to contain 0.3% THC, a low enough percent that it cannot produce any noticeable effects. So, you don’t need to worry about them getting you high.

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Gummies are becoming one of the more popular ways to consume CBD. In fact, CBD gummies were the third highest Googled food in 2018. Gummies also contain additional benefits compared to other products. One is that they’re delicious. This may sound silly, but many people do not like the taste of CBD drops and want to mask the flavor as much as possible. Gummies are the perfect way to do so.

CBD is also shown to be an effective treatment for seizure disorders where no other types of medication work. Since these seizure disorders can affect children, CBD gummies can be an easy way to provide the medication to children that can save their lives, and that they’ll enjoy.

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How Do You Absorb the CBD in Gummies?

Eating the gummies also affects how a user’s body absorbs the CBD. Since a user digest the gummies, it takes longer to feel the effects compared to simply taking oral drops. But, digesting the gummy does allow the body to more fully absorb the CBD, which means the effects can last a longer time than other types of products.

Users may wonder how many gummies they should take at a time, and the answer varies. Beginner CBD users usually take between 25 and 50 milligrams at a time. But more advanced users can take 100 milligrams or more at a time. And since there’s no risk of overdosing on CBD, you can go as much as you want to help treat your ailments. CBD gummy manufacturers will list how much CBD they’ve put in their products, so you’ll know how many gummies to take to reach your desired dose. 

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Perhaps there will be a day where CBD gummies overtake regular gummies in sales. After all, regular gummies can’t help treat anxiety, chronic pain, sleep problems or other medical conditions. There are lots and lots of reasons people take CBD. But they’re both yummy.

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