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Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion

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This moisturizing lotion uses full spectrum CBD and other hydrating agents to keep skin feeling fresh.

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Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Lotion seems to have quite a few more ingredients than their oil or balm. Such is the nature of cosmetic lotions. This lotion does feature fresh-pressed hemp rosin, which is a beautiful way of getting a full-spectrum, whole-plant extract. This is a much more shelf-stable product than the oils and balms as well. Decidedly less “hippie,” in the sense that this will maintain consistency at room temperature, and maybe a little above. Decent value from Papa & Barkley — a trustworthy brand. Maybe this one is good for those of us that prefer a little bit of science to make things cleaner, or easier ;) – Willy Christie

What is the Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body LotionLotion?

The Releaf Body Lotion is a CBD topical meant to help deal with muscle soreness and other body aches. In addition to the CBD, the body lotion contains several hydrating agents that help moisturize the skin as well. This includes Jojoba oil, shea butter and mango seed oil.

How Much CBD is in it?

There are 750 mg of cannabinoids in one bottle of the lotion, most of which is CBD. And since it is full spectrum hemp CBD, it has a ton of additional cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBN. Which are (we think) great for your endocannabinoid system. Which helps regulate stuff like chronic pain, the immune system, sleep, mood, memory…the list goes on and on. Now, we do think you’ll get more CBD goodness by consuming an oil or capsule. Because topicals just don’t get into your bloodstream as much.

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Will This Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion Get You High?

No. The lotion is full spectrum, meaning it contains other cannabinoids in addition to CBD for a more well-rounded experience. This includes THC. However the amount of THC is too small to produce any psychoactive effects or a high.

How Much Should You Take?

Papa & Barkley recommends a serving size of 1 tsp.

How Long Will it Take to be Effective?

CBD topicals generally take 10 to 15 minutes until the effects are felt. But that’s because of the non-CBD ingredients, usually. It can take a couple weeks for the CBD side of things to do it’s job and works its way into your endocannabinoid system.

Yes. While the lotion does contain THC, it is less than the legal limit of 0.3%. This makes it legal in all 50 states. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill made all hemp-derived CBD products with less than .3% THC legal. You can freely ship, order online and travel with these products.

Is Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion Tested and Certified?

Yes. Papa & Barkley tests their products three times during the manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency. You can view the test results for all of their products on their website.

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