Pure CBD Oil: The 6 Best Isolate CBD Oils with No THC

Pure CBD oil best isolate oils

The world of CBD can be a little confusing. There’s terms like isolate, full-spectrum, terpenes, entourage effect…the list goes on. There’s also a lot of stigma around CBD due to its relationship with hemp and THC. And this is where pure CBD oil, which is also known as CBD isolate, comes in. If you’ve heard about some of the potential benefits of CBD, but have some reservations around consuming any amount of THC, then all the products on this list are for you.

A quick primer: CBD isolate is what’s left over when CBD has been extracted from a hemp plant and distilled down to a powder, so there is only pure CBD left. Broad spectrum CBD products have a handful of other cannabinoids but no THC. While full spectrum CBD products have all the cannabinoids as well as some THC. CBD isolate only contains CBD and nothing else. The term “entourage effect” comes from the thought that when all the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC etc) work together they increase their benefits.

But let’s just focus on CBD isolate and the pure CBD oils below. And one thing to note: this list is not in any order or ranking. We see the benefits of all these products. Whether it’s a brand’s ethos, certain certification or just the label, one may resonate with you more than another. So we want to give you the option to pick your favorite. Or try them all, we won’t stop you.

Green Gorilla Pure CBD Oil

Green Gorilla Best Pure CBD Oil isolate THC free

Why we like it: We have yet to meet a Green Gorilla CBD product we don’t like. Not only is it made with organic hemp, it’s certified organic by Oregon Tilth. So you know it’s the real deal. This isolate CBD hemp oil is third party tested for purity and potency. It also has something called “GG Bio-enhanced Complex” which is supposed to enhance absorption. We don’t really know what that means, but it sounds cool. And who doesn’t like gorillas?
Pros: Super duper organic. An amazing value, especially for the 3000mg and 7500mg options. One of our favorite overall brands. We recommend all their products when you’re ready to try out broad spectrum and full spectrum.
Cons: Since Green Gorilla is a boutique brand, they sometimes sell out of their products.
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Bluebird Botanicals Extra Strength THC Free CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals Best Pure CBD Oil isolate THC free

Why we like it: Bluebird Botanicals have been in the CBD game for a long time. In fact, their founder worked with lawmakers to help craft the 2018 Farm Bill that made all CBD products with less than 0.3% THC federally legal. We respect that. They’re also a Certified B Corporation which means they are leaders in the community while they also adhere to the highest standards of testing and transparency.
Pros: This pure CBD oil has just two ingredients: Colorado-grown isolate hemp CBD and coconut oil
Cons: Not as cheap as some oils, but you get what you pay for.
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Lazarus Naturals Yuzu High Potency CBD Tincture

Lazarus Naturals pure CBD oil isolate

Why we like it: Lazarus Naturals is the real deal. They grow and harvest their own Oregon hemp. Their products are made with organic practices (although currently 120 acres of their farms are USDA-certified organic — they are working on the rest.) They are extremely transparent about all aspects of their business (from farming to testing to extraction) and are one of the most trusted brands in the industry.
Pros: This is an epic value. The 6,000mg option offers a massive 62mgs of isolate hemp CBD per dollar. That’s amazing. The Yuzu is great if you don’t like the flavor of hemp (they also offer flavorless if that’s more your style.)
Cons: Not sure we can find one, to be honest.
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CBDistillery THC-Free Pure CBD Oil Tincture

CBDistillery Isolate CBD oil

Why we like it: All the CBDistillery products we review tend to get good scores and this pure CBD oil is no different. They are very transparent with how they go about their business and are certified by the U.S. Hemp authority.
Pros: Their natural farming practices leave us with 99% pure hemp CBD powder that’s mixed with nothing but fractionated coconut oil.
Cons: They source their hemp from the USA — not a specific state or their own farm.
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Kat’s Naturals Naked CBD Oil

Kat's Naturals pure CBD isolate oil

Why we like it: Kat’s Naturals is one of the few brands who have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. So you know they run a tight ship. They’re also a certified WENBC (women-owned business.) They also make a great line of CBD products that have been around long enough to build a great reputation.
Pros: Free shipping on all orders in the United States. And their pure CBD oil extract is mixed with hemp seed oil to provide extra Vitamin A and E.
Cons: They don’t make it clear that this is isolate. We had to confirm by searching for their Certificate of Analysis and lab results.
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Martha Stewart Meyer Lemon CBD Oil Drops

Martha Stewart Isolate oil

Why we like it: We’re going to be honest, we’re including this on the list because it’s Martha. And we think more celebrities of Martha’s stature getting into the CBD industry is a good thing. If this helps fight the stigma of the CBD industry then we’re here for it.
Pros: Martha!
Cons: This is made with industrial isolate hemp CBD. It’s pure CBD oil that’s tested and certified, but it’s not super organic or bespoke.
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In Conclusion

Pure CBD oil — also known as isolate CBD oil — has two things going for it. First, it’s a great starter CBD since it contains no THC. So it’s great for anyone who has any concerns around consuming even the slightest amount of THC. And second, it’s usually a better deal when you break it down to cost of CBD per dollar. On the other hand, the fact that it’s just CBD, there are no other helpful cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBC (as well as no THC.) So it may be a little less effective than broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products.

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