Don’t Want to Vape? Here are 10 CBD Beverages We Love

CBD Beverages We Love

Many people want to enjoy the benefits of CBD but they’re worried about smoking or vaping. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry! There are many other ways to enjoy it, and one of the most popular ways is CBD beverages.

Here are 10 CBD drinks we think you’ll enjoy.

1. Sprig CBD Sparkling Water

2019 is the year of sparkling water as hard seltzers such as White Claw dominated the world of alcohol. And CBD beverages have their own form of sparkling concoctions. Sprig produces a line of CBD-infused sparkling soda (with no alcohol) for lovers of these types of beverages. Perhaps Sprig will soon take over the drinking world the way White Claw has.

2. Growler Guys CBD Kombucha

Speaking of hot trends, kombucha is another trendy beverage that’s getting a CBD twist. Growler Guys is a franchise of breweries that’s also expanded to making CBD-infused kombucha. Unfortunately, they currently only operate locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wisconsin and Nevada. 

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3. Oleo CBD Beverage Mix

Why go out and find a CBD beverage you’ll love when you can simply turn your favorite drink into one? Oleo offers a flavorless CBD powder that can be added to any drink to provide the benefits of CBD while not changing the taste of your beverage. They also sell coconut, raspberry, passion fruit and tangerine powders as well if you would like to add a little flavor instead.

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4. Kickback CBD Coffee

Looking to mix your morning pick-me-up with CBD? Kickback offers a variety of CBD-infused ground coffee to help wake you up and provide non-caffeine related health benefits. Definitely not something you’ll find on the menu at Starbucks.

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5. Cannawine

Usually when people talk about the health benefits of drinking wine, they’re referring to antioxidants. But Cannawine offers a line of alcoholic CBD beverages, including wines and sangria, so you know your glass with dinner is providing positive benefits.

6. Cartoon Cereal Crunch Hemp Soda

The best part about this CBD beverage is it combines two awesome flavors together. Cannabinoid Creations added CBD hemp to a soda and flavored it like cartoon cereal. So you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of your favorite morning breakfast, but also enjoy some healthy ingredients as well.

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7. Endo Water

People need to drink water. So why not spice up our most important beverage with a little CBD? Endo Water is simply CBD-infused water. It comes in a variety of flavors as well, including Watermelon, Cucumber, Lemon and more if you’re too fancy for regular ol’ water.

8. Buddha CBD Teas

Humans have consumed CBD in tea form for thousands of years. So drinking CBD teas is really a throwback to our ancestry. Buddha Teas offers a series of classic CBD-infused tea flavors, such as chamomile, green matcha and peppermint.

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9. CBD Double Shot

If you’re in the market for a pure CBD beverage, you can’t go wrong with CBD Double Shot. It’s a single serving pouch that you open, squeeze directly in your mouth, and you’ll ingest 350 mg of CBD right away. No fancy preparation, just squeeze and go.

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10. CBD Pomegranate Tea

Pure Science Lab’s CBD Pomegranate Tea is a little different than your normal CBD tea. Instead, it’s an aged-dried pomegranate skin infused with CBD oil and manuka honey. Simply add the pomegranate chip to a hot cup of water, and you’ll get a tasty CBD tea that’s packed with flavor.

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