Where to Buy CBD: 12 Nationwide Retailers Now Selling CBD

CBD Sold at Major Retailers Like CVS

As the public begins to accept Cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) and its health benefits, many nationwide retailers are buying in as well. That’s hardly surprising, considering some estimates believe CBD sales could reach $22 billion by 2022. Want to know where to buy cbd? It’s now easier than ever as major retailers are trying to get in on the craze before their competitors.

Where to buy CBD: Here are 12 nationwide retailers that now sell CBD.

1. CVS

CVS became the first nationwide retailer to sell CBD products back in March 2019. They announced that 800 stores across eight states would shelve CBD topicals, though that number will likely increase in the future.

2. Walgreens

Walgreens also announced in March 2019 they would begin selling CBD products as well. Perhaps trying to outdo their CVS counterparts, however, they announced that 1,500 of their locations would stock these topicals.

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3. Rite Aid

In April 2019, Rite Aid announced that they would begin selling CBD products, although their announcement was a little more conservative. Rite Aid would only sell these products in Washington and Oregon, two states that have legalized recreational marijuana. 

4. Ulta Beauty

Major beauty retailer Ulta Beauty also began selling CBD products in 2019. Ulta Beauty carries five skincare products from a company called Cannuka that combines CBD with manuka, a special type of honey. Ulta stocks these products in locations in every state except Nebraska, South Dakota and Idaho. 

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5. Kroger

The largest grocery retailer in the United States, Kroger, announced in June that they would begin selling CBD topicals in nearly 1,000 locations around the country. Easily making where to buy CBD much easier for millions of Americans. Kroger is one of the first major grocery retailers to get into this business. Also, not interested in vaping? Here are some other CBD options.

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6. American Eagle

While American Eagle is mostly known for selling clothes, in July the company struck a deal with Green Growth Brands to begin selling CBD body care products, such as muscle balms and lotions, in 500 stores as well as online.

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7. Abercrombie & Fitch

American Eagle was not the first clothing retailer to begin working with Green Growth Brands. Back in June, Abercrombie & Fitch began selling the company’s products in 160 stores around the nation after an initial test of 10 stores in May. 

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8. DSW

American Eagle and Abercrombie aren’t the only clothing retailers getting in on the trend. Designer Brands, more commonly known as DSW, also partnered with Green Growth Brands to sell CBD products in their stores. 

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9. Urban Outfitters

The list of major clothing retailers doesn’t stop there. Urban Outfitters also began selling CBD products earlier this year. Urban Outfitters is a particularly interesting retailer to get involved since their customers tend to be young adults, while other retailers on this list target a slightly older demographic.

10. Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group isn’t technically a retailer, but they are the largest mall operator in the United States, so they are in the retail business. Recently, Simon reached an agreement with Green Growth Brands that will allow them to open 108 shops in Simon Property Group malls.

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11. Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe was a quick adopter to selling CBD products in 2019. They first began offering oral soft gels, and eventually added drops to their shelves as well, making them one of the few retailers that offer ingestible forms.

12. Neiman Marcus

Even luxury retailer Neiman Marcus now offers CBD products. At the beginning of 2019, they announced they would offer a range of CBD beauty products from several different companies, although they announced they were only going to offer these in five locations.

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