The 14 Highest-Rated CBD Dispensaries in Texas

CBD dispensaries in Texas

A large number of high-quality dispensaries have popped up since CBD became legal in Texas in June of 2019. There are so many, in fact, it can be a bit tough to decide which one to visit — especially if you’re a new CBD user. 

We’ve put together a list of the best CBD dispensaries in Texas to help you decide. Let’s take a look.

The 14 Best CBD Dispensaries In Texas

There are dozens and dozens of CBD dispensaries in Texas. While they’ll all provide you with CBD products, the 14 in the list below do so exceptionally. If you need CBD products, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

1. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

Whether you’re looking for CBD pre-rolls, bud, oil, pain cream, or edibles, Mary Jane’s has you covered.

They have a selection of more niche products that other dispensaries usually don’t, like CBD cigars and anti-aging cream.

If you’re practicing COVID-19 safety, they have a full online store. You can’t go wrong here.

Google Rating: 4.9 stars

2. Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation

Texas Original is a caring little dispensary and CBD shop in Manchaca.

Users praise the customer service here, the knowledgable staff, and the passion put into their products. The website is filled with positive testimonials, an education center, and a doctor finding resource to get a medical card. They have great, pure CBD oil blends that will make any patient pleased.

Google Rating: 5.0 stars

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3. H Town Vape & CBD Dispensary

H Town Vape & CBD Dispensary in Houston boasts over 30 different CBD buds on their Instagram page. Beyond that, they offer disposable CBD vapes, carts, edibles, and bud. Their store is simple and modern, and the staff is praised by reviewers.

Google Rating: 4.6 stars

4. Urban Flavors Essence

Urban Flavors Essence has a lot to offer in its long, L-shaped display case. They’ve got very affordable gummies, CBD capsules, pre-rolls, and even CBD-infused coffee pods. Everything is clearly labeled by the store, with custom recommendations on how to use the product, making this a great stop for first-time buyers.

Google Rating: 4.9 stars

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5. SA Botanicals

SA Botanicals in San Antonio, Texas, is run out of an elegant kiosk, but don’t let that fool you. The selection of oils and creams is of the highest quality, and the staff is friendly and knowledgable. Their online store is fully-stocked, and this is a great place to go if you’re just making a quick stop for some CBD.

Google Rating: 4.9 stars

6. Hot Box Smoke Shop + CBD

Hot Box in El Paso offers the best of both worlds; a great selection of CBD products, and a lot of smoking accessories. From vapes to glassware and CBD products including oil, edibles, carts and bud, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need. Shoppers praise the clean shop, the low prices, and the friendly staff.

Google Rating: 5.0 stars

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7. Nature’s Joint CBD Dispensary

Nature’s Joint in Austin, Texas, isn’t just a dispensary, it’s also a coffee shop! They offer CBD-infused coffees, kombucha, teas, and sodas in tons of flavors. Get the oil, edibles, or pre-rolls you need, and stick around for a quick drink for the best experience.

Google Rating: 5.0 stars

8. Studio 13 CBD

Studio 13 in San Marcos, Texas, is a simple CBD dispensary praised for its fantastic deals, stocked shelves and good service. The knowledgable staff is what makes this experience. They have oil, buds, edibles, and all the other CBD products you’ve come to expect.

Google Rating: 4.9 stars

9. CBD Plus USA

CBD Plus USA in Wichita Falls beckons you in with its big clear sign, and keeps you in with its beautiful storefront. It’s one of the few CBD dispensaries with a full, comfortable seating area! They offer top-quality oils, edibles, coffee pods, and topicals all in the most professional package possible.

Google Rating: 3.8 stars

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10. Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store in Amarillo offers products at a fair price from a knowledgable staff. The inside is a nice mixture of modern and rustic, including a seating area, coffee, and products written out on a blackboard. They even have a selection of CBD products for pets, making this a great stop for pet owners.

Google Rating: 4.3

11. MaryJae

MaryJae in Austin offers a wide selection of vegan CBD products (as well as the usual non-vegan fare.) The store has an admirable origin story. Unfortunately, the owner’s father passed away from cancer. But since he did find some relief from CBD in his last days — MaryJae wanted to share that healing power with the masses. With a very modern shopfront, knowledgable staff, and vegan options, this dispensary should not be missed.

Google Rating: 4.9 stars

12. Elevated Wellness CBD

Elevated Wellness in Houston offers a big, modern storefront and lots of amazing sales. They have CBD bud, pain spray, oil, and edibles to name just a few of their products. Their staff is very knowledgable on CBD for pets and ailments, and are eager to help find you the right product.

Google Rating: 5.0 stars

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13. Vibes

Vibes dispensary in Weslaco offers a nice little storefront packed to the brim with CBD products. One of their most unique products is the Krispie Feels, a CBD-infused Rice Krispie treat of sorts in a variety of flavors, including cookies and cream and “mystery flavor.” They’re praised for their knowledgable staff and product variety.

Google Rating: 4.5 stars

14. Sacred Leaf Wellness

Sacred Leaf Wellness in Houston is easily recognizable by its green storefront, both inside and out. They offer organic, US-grown CBD products that are all independently tested, and knowledgable staff. They have everything from oil to edibles, and are open every day of the week for your convenience.

Google Rating: 5.0 stars

Explore the Best CBD Dispensaries in Texas

It’s time to go shopping now that you know the best dispensaries in Texas. Visit a dispensary near you and find the products you need. And if you’re new to CBD, check out some of our articles ranging from “Does CBD Go Bad” to “Is CBD Safe for Dogs” and “7 Popular Ways to Consume CBD” and much, much more.

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