CBD Wax: The Pros, Cons and How to Use It

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CBD wax is it right for you

If you’re looking for a potent form of CBD that gives you a lot of bang for your buck, quickly, CBD wax is one way to go. If this is your first time using CBD, then CBD wax is definitely NOT the way to go.

CBD wax is a type of CBD concentrate. It falls into the same category as budder, shatter, and crumble. Like the name suggests, this form of concentrate has a wax-like appearance. It almost looks like beeswax; yellowish and, well, waxy.

Why use CBD wax?

There are several reasons why people use it. It gives you all the therapeutic benefits of other forms of CBD, along with a few others.

Those therapeutic benefits of CBD, BTW, include: relaxation and reduced anxiety, improved sleep and pain relief.

Now let’s look at extra benefits of using CBD wax:

Potency and purity

CBD concentrates contain significantly higher doses of CBD than other products. This means you’re getting a much higher dose with less.

When made properly, all of the residue and chemicals are stripped away, leaving mostly CBD.

For anyone who doesn’t get the results they’re after from other products, a CBD wax could be the better way to go.

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Faster onset

It offers the option of a quick onset because it can be inhaled, depending on the method of delivery used.

When you inhale CBD into the lungs, it enters the bloodstream quickly so you feel the effects within 10 minutes.

That’s considerably faster than, say, ingesting edibles, which need to work their way through the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream; a process that can take two hours.

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How do you use CBD wax?

As mentioned, there are a couple of methods of delivery that you can use to inhale CBD wax:

·         Dabbing. This method of delivery is the reason why CBD wax and other concentrates are sometimes referred to as “dabs”. This process involves applying the wax to a surface—usually a nail—that’s been heated to a high temperature. This causes the wax to vaporize so it can be inhaled using a dab rig or dab straw.

·         Vaping.  CBD wax can be vaporized by placing a small amount into a handheld vaping device where it can be heated to different temperatures and inhaled—or vaped.

Though you won’t feel the effects as fast, CBD wax can also be melted down and infused with carrier oils to make your CBD balms or lotions for topical application.

If edibles are more your jam, CBD wax can be melted down and used to make your own edibles.

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Before you try CBD wax

While it’s certainly versatile, CBD wax isn’t for everyone.

It’s very potent and just a small amount contains a considerably higher dose than other CBD products. For that reason, sticking with the expert recommendation to start low and go slow is crucial to avoid any taking too much.

CBD on its own is generally safe even in high amounts, but too much can cause lethargy, upset stomach, and diarrhea. And how much is “too much” varies between people depending on their tolerance, body composition, and other individual factors. It can also cause adverse effects in people with certain underlying conditions or interact with other medications.

Talk to your doctor before giving it a try, especially if you’re on medication or treatment for an illness or if you have symptoms that didn’t respond to other CBD products.

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