CBD Oil Uses: 5 ways to Add CBD Oil into your self-care routine

CBD oil uses

Many people think about CBD as a potential treatment for a range of illnesses. But it can also be used to take a proactive approach to your health. CBD can form an important part of your self-care routine. And one of the best ways to add it into your daily regimen is with CBD oil. Here are five CBD oil uses as you consider working it into your self-care routine.

Self-care is the practice taking care of your own needs, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental. It’s about prioritizing your own health and happiness by reducing stress, doing fulfilling activities, and caring for basic bodily functions like sleeping and eating well. 

Considering the therapeutic potential of CBD, it can be a useful tool in your self-care routine. Here, we provide you with a few ways in which you can use it effectively. 

1) Have a massage with CBD-infused body oil

Getting a massage is a great way to relieve tension and simply make you relax. If you enjoy massages, you can incorporate CBD by opting for massage oil or rub that contains CBD. One example is Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil. And yes – many spas are now offering CBD massages!

There are a variety of CBD massage oils to pick from. And just like regular massage oils, many of them have added ingredients that promote relaxation like chamomile and lavender. For that extra element of relaxation, light a few candles for the duration of your massage.

2) Take CBD for stress management

Most of us face more stress than we can cope with, at least some of the time. To help ourselves deal with stress, we need to create self-care routines that help us destress and process our emotions. Stress management is one of the greatest CBD oil uses — and most popular.

Promising research suggests that CBD has stress- and anxiety-reducing properties. Many people are turning to CBD products to help with stress management. This means that you can take a dose of your favorite CBD product when you are feeling overwhelmed.

A 2010 study suggests that CBD can help those suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD). If you generally struggle with social interaction, try taking a dose of CBD oil. You could also consider smoking CBD-rich hemp flower before going to your next social event. 

Remember, the time it takes for CBD to take effect depends on the delivery method. If you want more immediate results, inhalation (through smoking or vaping) works best. If you only need the product to take effect in a couple of hours, opt for something like a gummy. This is because smoke goes into the bloodstream quickly. While CBD taken orally needs to pass through the digestive tract before being absorbed.

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3) Take it before bed to help You sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important part of self-care and you cannot achieve overall health without it. An adult should sleep for an average of seven to nine hours per night. Yet statistics show that many of us struggle to get enough sleep.

One way to help you get your beauty sleep is by taking CBD. Research on CBD and sleep is in its infancy. But there is evidence suggesting that CBD can help improve symptoms associated with disrupted sleep. A 2019 study looked at anxiety and insomnia, and found that CBD improved sleep in people suffering from anxiety-related disorders.

Another study suggests that CBD may improve symptoms of a sleep behavior disorder in patients with Parkinson’s disease. CBD has not been proven to not cure insomnia or any sleep disorder. But the available research suggests that it could help with improving sleep. Making sleep another one popular example of CBD oil uses.

There are many ways to take CBD for sleep in addition to oil, including:

CBD is sometimes combined with other supplements, like melatonin, to improve sleep.

When it comes to more complicated conditions like sleep disorders, you may not see the results of using CBD immediately. It may take weeks before you notice a significant difference. We recommend talking to your doctor before using CBD for sleep disorders, as they’ll be best equipped to advise you.

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4) Cook with CBD Oil

Cooking is widely considered to be a therapeutic practice, with research confirming that cooking has positive health outcomes. Many use cooking as a way to unwind. And if you enjoy cooking, it can be part of your self-care routine. Because CBD can be consumed orally, you can use it in your cooking as well. 

This is one of CBD oil’s uses that is growing in popularity. Additionally, you can add nano CBD oil to your smoothie ingredients. Or make CBD-infused butter to use in your baked goods, or add it to your meals. The possibilities are endless, and all it takes is a little bit of research. 

The internet is full of CBD recipes, but if you do not feel like making the effort, there are also some quick fixes. Some people prefer adding a few drops of CBD oil to their coffee or simply buy CBD-infused tea. Having some downtime with your favorite brew is just as rewarding as eating a CBD-enriched meal.

5) Include CBD in your skin care routine

Thanks to the existence of luxurious CBD-infused topicals, CBD can now easily be incorporated into your skin care routine. There are a range of CBD topicals available on the market. In addition to CBD oils, these include face creams, body lotions, CBD face masks, and even lip balms, to name a few. What’s great is that these topicals often offer targeted relief for certain skin conditions because of the therapeutic value of CBD. 

When shopping for a CBD topical, be sure to check that the products have been third-party tested and contain no harmful additives. You can start by adding one or two of these products to your beauty ritual slowly. It’s important to see how your body responds to them. Who knows, you might end up converting to only using CBD skin care products.

CBD Oil Uses – In Conclusion

It is important to practice self-care to take care of your overall health, both mentally and physically. Adding CBD oil to these self-care rituals is a great way to enhance them. Remember to always research a product before including it in your routine. 

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