Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil vs Curaleaf CBD Drops – Which is Right For You

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Charlotte's Web vs Curaleaf CBD oil

Welcome to the wild world of shopping for CBD on the internet!  Today we are going to go over the differences between two tinctures. Charlotte’s Web 60mg (Maximum Strength) Oil VS Curaleaf 750mg CBD Drops. Both have their own unique advantages. But while one may be great for a certain application, don’t let that dissuade you from experimenting!  Here, I will walk you through my process . This is how I determine what CBD is right for me…or for my friends and family. Hopefully this will give you the tools to begin your own journey into finding the right CBD product for you.

First, let’s take a look at each company. Because a good deal is only as good as the company that provides it.  

Charlotte’s Web Overview

Our first company is Charlotte’s Web — one of the most recognizable names in CBD. Starting in 2011 (before CBD was “cool,”) the Stanley brothers set out to create a low-THC strain. Originally named Hippie’s Disappointment, the strain was later renamed Charlotte’s Web. This happened after a 6-year-old girl started using the oil to help manage seizures from Dravet syndrome. 

CW was featured on Sanjay Gupta’s 2013 documentary Weed. Since then, CW has been committed to providing clean, safe, and non-intoxicating CBD to all types of patients.  They call themselves The World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract, and I would have to agree.

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Curaleaf Overview

The second company, Curaleaf, is the world’s largest cannabis company by revenue. You may know them as one of the more popular cannabis brands on the Canadian stock exchange.  Typically a medical and recreational cannabis company, Curaleaf launched Curaleaf Hemp in 2018.  As far as any type of story or brand identity goes, the Curaleaf Hemp website keeps it pretty simple. 

According to their website, Curaleaf Hemp adheres to the strictest quality standards in the industry. They use US grown hemp, and high quality ingredients.  I’m interested to find out more because the name Curaleaf holds a lot of weight in the cannabis world.

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Charlotte’s Web vs Curaleaf: How Do These Products Work

Both the Charlotte’s Web 60mg Oil and Curaleaf 750mg CBD Drops are sublingual drops to be administered via dropper.  Some might call them tinctures, and while most people would understand what you’re saying, *technically* a tincture contains alcohol.  Both Charlotte’s Web and Curaleaf use a full-spectrum CO2 extract that contains other beneficial plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.  Generally CBD Oil extracts are used as a daily regimen, and is marketed as a dietary supplement.  You can ingest a few drops under the tongue, or add it to your favorite smoothies, teas, or even salads.  Every person uses CBD for a variety of reasons — one size rarely fits all.

According to the Charlotte’s Web product page, this Oil is formulated to help maintain a sense of calm or focus. It also aids in recovery from exercise, everyday stress-reduction, and a regulated sleep cycle.  The Curaleaf information is a little more sparse, but this particular Vanilla Ylang Ylang flavor is labeled as Relax.  As we dive into the ingredients we can get an even better idea as to which oil may be right for you.

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Charlotte’s Web vs Curaleaf: Let’s Compare the Ingredients

Starting with Charlotte’s Web, the 60mg Oil has three ingredients: Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and an Organic Flavor Oil.  In terms of flavor, you can choose between Mint Chocolate, Orange Blossom, and Lemon Twist.  The hemp extract isn’t certified Organic, but their website claims that they follow the practices in hopes to soon become certified.  All pesticides, mildewcides, and herbicides used by Charlotte’s Web are 100% organic.  Full-spectrum oil with other beneficial parts of the plant is a plus, but the CO2 extraction naturally loses some of the romance.  However, this method of extraction helps diminish any unwanted herbal flavors as well as substantially reducing the cost for consumers, so there is a positive side to it.

Curaleaf also uses a CO2 extraction for their CBD oil, and their formulation is nearly just as simple as Charlotte’s Web.  Curaleaf 750mg CBD Drops can be reduced to four ingredients: Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Flavor Oils, and Caprylic Capric Triglycerides.  Caprylic Capric Triglycerides being another type of coconut “oil.”  Not a word about their hemp being Organic though.  Not even in the FAQ, which is odd because it is almost always a Frequently Asked Question!

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The Verdict on Ingredients

As far as ingredients go, I’m gonna have to hand it to the Charlotte’s Web 60mg Oil. Considering both products are so simple and similar, just having that blurb about hopes for future organic certification makes me feel like Charlotte’s Web CBD is higher quality than Curaleaf’s CBD Drops.

Let’s Compare Price and Value

Now just because something is higher quality, doesn’t mean that everyone can afford it. In fact, some “artisanal” methods of extracting CBD are just plain inefficient, resulting in exorbitant costs passed down to the consumer with little true benefit added.  However, in this case we have two companies using a relatively cheap and efficient method of extraction, but two very different prices. Curaleaf 750mg CBD Drops offer 25mg per dose, with an entire 30 dose bottle costing only $32. Charlotte’s Web 60mg Oil contains a larger 60mg per dose, with an entire 30 dose bottle that costs $120. 

While the Charlotte’s Web Oil is over twice as concentrated with CBD, the price lands just under quadruple what Curaleaf charges. While Charlotte’s Web CBD may be a little more transparent about the quality of their hemp, when the product is almost double the price per mg compared to a competitor, I’m gonna have to see some more credentials. Organic certification might justify that price point, and perhaps the brand recognition just might carry them that far as well.  

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The Verdict on Price and Value

Either way, for value, we gotta go with Curaleaf. 

Let’s Compare Brand Trustworthiness

It’s also worth mentioning that Curaleaf, being one of the largest cannabis conglomerates in the industry, may just have some Wal-Mart level production and purchasing power.  Which brings us to our next point: Brand Trustworthiness.

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When I’m on a product’s website, I’d like to think that the website would contain sufficient information. It should answer some pretty basic questions in terms of quality and care.  The Charlotte’s Web website is filled with ample information, product tips, and links to educational blogs. There is a lot of information about who they are and what their CBD is all about.  It seems like the site was put together with the consumer in mind, to keep your experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. You can’t help but feel like they would be quick to respond if there were any problems.

Charlotte’s Web vs Curaleaf: Which Brand Ethos is Better For You?

As I mentioned earlier, the Curaleaf website is pretty simple. Nothing about organic methods, or about their farmers. Nothing more specific than words like “high quality” and “strictest quality standards in the industry.” 

Curaleaf’s website has a very sterile, scientific feel to it, which may be ideal for some. It’s good to see CBD dressed up like a proper pharmaceutical.

For Brand Trustworthiness?  Charlotte’s Web of course.  They made their name literally helping a little girl live a better life. And it seems like they’re still maintaining that ethos.

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Let’s Compare Their Testing

As far as testing goes, the only cannabinoid I see detected on Curaleaf’s third-party test is CBD on their COA.  This doesn’t seem very full-spectrum to me. Not to mention the complete lack of any pesticide or residual solvents testing. Charlotte’s Web, on the other hand? Arguably the most comprehensive full-spectrum CBD test results I’ve seen in a long time. Every cannabinoid is present, no matter how small the amount. It also includes a passed test for microbials, metals, solvents, pesticides.  

Charlotte’s Web vs Curaleaf: In Conclusion

Whether you’ve taken CBD for years, or are brand new to it, it’s great to take a deeper look at the available products and brands out there.

Overall, we have two high quality brands and products. On one hand, you have the higher-priced underdog doing all of the right things. And on the other hand you have the much more affordable, but potentially lacking product. 

Curaleaf appears to be clean and safe, and affordable. But if you can afford Charlotte’s Web, it’s an obvious choice.

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