Precision Botanical Soothe Salve

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Precision Botanical Soothe Salve

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This salve contains menthol and other essential oils in addition to CBD to aid in the recovery process.

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The page that lists ingredients on this product also lists that there are no tree nuts, or other allergens present. However, one of the ingredients is sweet almond oil. That is why Precision Botanical Smooth Salve is getting a 1 on trustworthiness score. This is the same product as the Sooth Salve Menthol, just without menthol. The product still has the same ingredients, as well as false or inaccurate allergen warnings. You could use this product if you’re not into that minty smell. There are still plenty of essential oils in there to make it smell good. Great price, just keep in mind that it is CBD Isolate, and won’t be as effective as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum. If you’re not allergic to nuts, this is a great entry level cream for the price. – Willy Christie

What is the Precision Botanical Soothe Salve?

The Precision Botanical Soothe Salve is a CBD topical product meant to help aid in the body’s recovery process. The salve contains menthol and other essential oils to aid the process as well. It also has a Lemon-Lavender scent. Who doesn’t like smelling like lemon and/or lavender?

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How Much CBD is in it?

The 1 oz container has 750 mg of CBD isolate. Which means there are no other cannabinoids like CBN or CBG or even THC. This is just pure CBD.

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Will This Get You High?

No. Precision Botanical ensures that all of their products do not contain THC, the cannabinoid which causes psychoactive effects.

How Much Should You Take?

Precision Botanical recommends that you take a pea-sized amount of the salve and rub it over the desired area. They also suggest to use it up to five times a day.

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How Long Will it Take to be Effective?

Most CBD topicals take 10 to 15 minutes before you feel their effects.

Yes. There is no THC in any Precision Botanical products, so they are legal in all 50 states.

Is This Product Tested and Certified?

Yes. Precision Botanical tests all of their products for over 418 contaminants to ensure they are safe and don’t contain unwanted elements, particularly THC. Their commitment to testing earned them a Purity Award from the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit devoted to ensure consumer product safety. Each Precision Botanical product contains a QR code so customers can see the lab tests for their product.

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