Pachamama Athletic Rub

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Pachamama Athletic CBD Rub

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This topical cream helps promote muscle recovery and aid in the recovery process.

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Pachamama’s Athletic CBD Rub comes in a beautifully designed package. With under ten ingredients, it’s refreshing to see a simple topical. Full-spectrum CBD, extracted using a USDA certified organic method using hot air and pressure. No solvents, no chemicals. The method of extraction is USDA organic, but there is no word on the CBD being organic. That’s ok though, they do have testing available for every batch you purchase. Now, I’ve always been a sucker for good marketing, but Pachamama does seem to walk the walk as well 😉 – Willy Christie

What is the Pachamama Athletic CBD Rub?

The Pachamama Athletic Rub is a full spectrum CBD product meant to help support muscle recovery. This topical contains other essential oils including lavender and peppermint to aid in the recovery process as well. Pachamama’s also added shea butter cacao butter to help nourish, soothe and revitalize, and hydrate skin.

The other thing that we like about Pachamama is that they are sourcing their CBD almost like single origin coffee. Instead of a mass of hemp, they use a single strain so they know exactly what it can do and what it’s for.

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How Much CBD is in it?

This topical contains 500 mg of CBD. But you aren’t going to use all of that at once. (Please don’t.)

Will This Pachamama Athletic CBD Rub Get You High?

No. This rub is a full spectrum product, so it does contain THC. However it’s only a trace amount and not enough to get you high. But the fact that it’s full spectrum hemp CBD means it has all the cannabinoids for your endocannabinoid system. Things like CBG, CBN, THC and CBC in addition to CBD. And they all work together to give your endocannabinoid system the entourage effect. (It also has a bunch of terpenes, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Although it’s not clear if the antioxidants will be as big of a help in a topical.) But in case you’re new to all this, your endocannabinoid system helps regulate everything from chronic pain to metabolism and your immune system.

Now, we always like to point out that the FDA has not approved CBD to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. And we need a lot more research in this area to know exactly how CBD effects your system.

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How Much Should You Apply?

Pachamama suggests applying the rub to any parts of the body need it, and to allow it to completely absorb. They also suggest to use frequently until you no longer need it.

How Long Will it Take to be Effective?

CBD topicals generally take 10 to 15 minutes to begin taking effect. But everyone is different so we always suggest starting with a little bit of this Athletic Rub and working your way up. Some people may need less (or more) than others.

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Yes. While the rub is a full spectrum CBD product, meaning it contains THC, it is only a trace amount, and is therefore legal in all 50 states. Meaning, you can mail this and travel with it freely.

Is This Product Tested and Certified?

Yes. Pachamama tests all of their products to ensure quality and consistency. Customers can enter the batch number for the product they’ve purchased onto Pachama’s website to view the test results. Pachamama’s even won a Purity Award from the Clean Label Project for their accurate and transparent testing process.

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