Is CBD Coffee Right For You? We Break It Down

CBD coffee good for you

CBD-infused products have taken the world by storm and with good reason: it seems that CBD boasts several health benefits. But the latest trend has coffee lovers adding the compound to their cup of joe. You might have noticed CBD coffee is popping up in trendy coffee shops and even online.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. And just like CBD, it can also be beneficial to your health. Recently, people have started pairing CBD with coffee, by either infusing it into coffee beans before it is brewed or by coating the beans with CBD oil. But why have people started combining the two, and is it a good idea to do so?

If you’re curious about the CBD coffee craze, we’ve got you covered. But first, are the benefits of drinking coffee legit?

Is your favorite cup of brew really good for you?

Coffee is a controversial drink. It has the health and wellness community divided. With some strongly advocating for its benefits, and others zoomed in on the potential side effects of drinking too much of it. Debates aside, there is strong scientific evidence that coffee can be beneficial to our health.

Caffeine is the star ingredient in a good cup of coffee. The stimulant is sought after for its ability to promote wakefulness, which is why coffee is considered a morning drink for many. 

Caffeine can also serve as a performance enhancer for gym bunnies. Studies have shown that caffeine increases endurance during exercise and that it decreases RPE (how hard it feels like your body is working) during exercise.

Other reasons why (caffeinated) coffee is can be good for you include:

Coffee also contains loads of nutrients – niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, and magnesium – in small quantities. But they can quickly add up after a few cups.

And CBD?

CBD research is still in its infancy. But a growing body of scientific studies suggests that it could have significant health benefits. 

A 2012 study confirms that CBD could be a treatment option for those suffering from anxiety because it brings about an anti-panicking effect.

Another study suggests that CBD can help with the management of seizure disorders like epilepsy. 

Further research suggests that taking CBD can also improve conditions associated with pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, as well as symptoms like nausea and vomiting experienced by cancer patients.

While CBD research is limited, the existing body of research is promising, with many CBD enthusiasts attesting to it.

CBD Coffee: So, what does combining the two mean?

Unfortunately,  both coffee and CBD have unwanted side effects. But adding the two together could counter these side effects. Here’s how CBD balances out some of the potential side effects of coffee, and vice versa. 

1) Caffeine can cause anxiety

Although caffeine promotes alertness, too much of it can make you jittery. It can even lead to caffeine-induced anxiety disorder depending on your sensitivity to caffeine. 

As we know by now, many studies suggest that CBD could help with treating anxiety disorders. Usually by inducing a sense of calmness. This is great news for those who tend to be a bit jittery after just one cup of coffee. Especially if you still want to reap the benefits a cup of joe has to offer.

Individuals who are particularly sensitive to caffeine should try to limit their intake to about one to two cups per day. Or opt for coffees with lower caffeine content. 

2) Caffeine may disrupt your sleep whereas CBD can make you drowsy

Coffee has become almost synonymous with wakefulness and being alert which is why it is so well-loved. However, it may not be the best thing for those who love their fix but struggle with sleep. 

Contrarily, CBD promotes good sleep and may leave some feeling a bit drowsy. While these two are each on separate ends on the spectrum of alertness, they could work well together. 

By adding a few drops of CBD to your coffee or drinking CBD-infused coffee, you can get your CBD (and coffee) fix at any time of the day without being sluggish or too alert.

3) Caffeine withdrawal can lead to headaches

One thing almost all coffee lovers are familiar with is that dreaded withdrawal headache. It makes you cranky and can put a damper on your entire day. 

CBD, on the other hand, is known to help ease painful conditions. Which could potentially help diminish the chances of getting a withdrawal headache. Another way to counter such a headache is by having coffee more often. And why not have one that is CBD-infused to counter possible side effects. 

4) Not everyone enjoys the taste of pure CBD oil

There are many delivery methods when it comes to CBD. With some masking the naturally earthy taste of the compound, and others enhancing it. 

If you’re not very fond of the taste, but want to explore the benefits of CBD, having it coffee may be a solution.

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Is it as easy as going online and buying CBD coffee?

Not exactly. Unfortunately, the industry is not regulated as well as it should be. Some companies could be selling inaccurately labeled products (with some containing insignificant amounts of CBD).

Because of this, it’s best to research companies before buying CBD coffee from them to ensure that you are buying a quality product. If you don’t trust already infused brands, you can always add a few drops of CBD oil – bought from a reputable company – to your regular coffee.

While CBD coffee is a great way to experiment with CBD, there is limited research suggesting that the combination is a cure-all for the conditions listed above. 

Have fun experimenting, but remember to check in with your doctor before doing so, especially if you have any chronic conditions. 

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