The Big Question: Does CBD Have Weed In It?

does cbd have weed in it

Many people know that CBD is derived from cannabis. But what they may not know is how CBD is different from marijuana. Many wonder, “Does CBD have weed in it?” And the answer is no and yes.

CBD, Weed and Hemp – The Differences

CBD comes from two sources. One is hemp plants. While hemp is a member of the cannabis family, it contains little to no THC, the compound in marijuana that gets people high. CBD products derived from hemp are in no way similar to marijuana. Under federal law, these products can only contain up to 0.3 percent THC, a small trace amount that produces no effects for users.

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CBD can also come from marijuana plants. Unlike hemp, marijuana plants do contain THC. A weaker marijuana plant will contain single digit percentages of THC, while stronger ones can be 20 to 30 percent THC. 

Marijuana plants also contain CBD to varying amounts, depending on how they’re bred. Some will have high amounts while others will have very low amounts. So when someone uses marijuana, they will consume CBD as well as THC.

However, when you ingest a CBD product where the CBD comes from marijuana, you don’t get the THC. Manufacturers can remove the CBD from the marijuana plant without taking any of the THC. So the end-product is almost entirely CBD, similar to the products made from a hemp plant. 

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Some hemp plants can accidentally become exposed to THC as well. If someone grows hemp near marijuana, cross-pollination can occur and THC can move to hemp. However, CBD manufacturers test their products to ensure they have very little THC in them to ensure they’re following their legal guidelines.

So to answer the question, does CBD have weed in it? Well, yes it can since a lot of CBD comes from marijuana. But if you’re worried whether you’ll feel the effects of weed while consuming a CBD product, the answer is definitely no.

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