Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger

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Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger

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You like a little spice? Then this digestive aid is for you.

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Botanical plant extracts are all the rage these days. And why not? As more studies show the power of plant medicines, more brands pop up to capitalize on this new market. And we’re the winners for it. So how does this Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger beverage stack up? Quite well, actually. It’s craft brewed by the people from Rishi tea botanicals. And they’ve been a boutique brewery doing the whole plant and herbal extracts for 20 years — before it was popular. (Or as popular as it is now.)

So why should you drink this can of sparkling Dandelion Ginger? Well, it tastes pretty great, as long as you enjoy a deep, rich flavored beverage. Dandelion can be pretty bitter on its own, this is formulated for flavor and function. And they know that if it doesn’t taste good, no one’s going to drink it — no matter how great plant medicines are for you. This is essentially a ginger beer that’s infused with dandelion and other herbs. (Moscow Mule, anyone?)

The combination of dandelion and ginger are aimed at aiding digestion issues and supporting gut health. It also contains a little bit of organic chili peppers to help with a little detox. And by detox, I think they mean you can sweat out some of the bad things you did last night (they also claim this can help with hangovers. We have yet to test that theory out.) (But we will.)


This is a ready to drink infused herbal plant extract beverage. Yes, you drink it right out of the can. No need for mixing or steeping. Their extracts have no added sugar, so it’s mostly just dandelion, ginger, green teas, a little lemon, rosemary, oils and chilis. This is a real powerful potion that has a spicy kick to it. It’s not overpowering like biting into a piece of ginger root, but it’s also not for people who put ice in their chardonnay. This has flavor.

And this beverage is uses non-GMO extracts, is vegan and gluten free. They also use organic ingredients, but they do not have their USDA-certified organic stamp of approval yet.

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WHO IS THIS Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger FOR? 

If you’ve ever seen The Greenest before, you know that we are a big believer in plants. They’re great! So we’re a little biased when it comes to promoting the power of plant extracts and herbal remedies. We know we need more clinical FDA-approved research before we can make any claims, but they just make us feel better. And I think it’s safe to say that drinking these sort of plant-base botanicals is healthier than, say, Pepsi’s version of a healthy beverage. And we love anyone who uses unique artisanal methods to give us as natural of a product as possible.

Sparkling Botanicals claims this Dandelion Ginger beverage helps with gut health, detoxification, digestion and even hangovers. It can help settle an upset stomach the way ginger tends to on its own. This is just a better way to drink it.

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Yes, but the Dandelion Ginger doesn’t have a ton. Each can contains 20 mgs of caffeine. To put that in perspective, the average cup of coffee contains 95 mgs of caffeine. So this is about 20% of the caffeine you’d get in a cup of joe.


As with any supplement (can we call this a supplement?), we suggest starting off with one, or even half a can to start. Who knows if you have some crazy allergy to Kurokoji tea? Granted, the chances are tiny, but it’s our duty to look out for you. And we give this advice to everything from fish oil pills to CBD gummies. Try a small amount. See how you feel after a few hours. If everything is good to go, then chug a lug.

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Everyone is different, so there’s no way to tell. Some people are more effected by ginger and other plant extracts than others. But since this is a beverage it should work pretty quickly — if it’s going to work for you.

Does Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger Contain Alcohol?

No, it has none. Zero. And it’s not like a kombucha, either. (Kombucha has a little bit of alcohol in it.)

IS THIS Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger TESTED AND CERTIFIED?

As we mentioned, they are still waiting on their USDA-organic certification.