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Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder – Is It Really Worth $100?

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This Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder has a lot of things going for it. And a few things that make us skeptical (but we’ll get to those in a second.) But let’s start with the good stuff. First, let’s talk about the ingredients. Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat your veggies, right? We know that. You know that. Our moms definitely know that. The CDC says we should get 2-3 cups of vegetables per day. That sounds easy enough. But we can’t always find a cup or two of carrots and bean sprouts to work into our lunches and dinners. And sometimes we want a pizza. And no one wants to dump two cups of kale on a pizza (although kale on pizza is great.) The point is, we’re human. And we can all use a little help in the veggie department.

So What’s In It?

This powder is packed with 75 vitamins, minerals and other whole food ingredients. Their website makes it look like they basically ground up the entire produce section of your local grocery store and put it in a nicely designed pouch. And after perusing the ingredient list, it seems like that’s basically what they did. We could give you the full ingredient list, but your eyes would fall out of your head by the time you were done reading it. Which is ironic because vegetables and fruits can help maintain eye health. Anyway, here’s a snippet of what’s in this powder: Ginger rhizome powder, Slippery elm bark powder…Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin, Folate…Organic spirulina, Organic wheat grass juice powder, Organic alfalfa powder (leaf), Organic chlorella powder…

You get the point. They basically took every health-related supplement, antioxidant and superfood and crammed them into one epic powder. Which is pretty impressive. And almost hilarious. We’ve never seen a powder with this much stuff in it. So kudos to Athletic Greens for going all out.

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It Sounds Great, What’s The Negative?

Our only negative could also be a positive. Whenever we see a nutritional supplement that has so many celebrity endorsements, it immediately makes us question its authenticity. And Athletic Greens has big name endorsers out the wazoo. First, Tim Ferriss is a massive supporter. And let’s be clear, we like Tim Ferriss. He is a fantastic voice in the health and wellness (and even psychedelic therapy) industry. He pushes our society to be healthier. Which is great. But he has mentioned previously that he is paid to endorse this product. So take his kind words for what they’re worth. Additionally, Joe Rogan has promoted Athletic Greens. Another huge (and controversial) name in the wellness and bio-hacking space. And last but not least, their website is full of testimonials from famous CEOs, health experts, doctors and athletes. Their Instagram page is full of elite athletes promoting Athletic Greens.

Our point is, don’t let the endorsements sway you. Let the ingredients and science behind the product do the talking.

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WHAT IS Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder FOR? 

The better question is what isn’t this for? It seems to have everything from all the vitamins and minerals you could ever dream of, adaptogens, plant extracts, root extracts…the list goes on and on. The top level benefits are related to liver and gut health, neural balancing, immune system support, metabolism and blood sugar management. If you’ve ever seen a supplement claim is help support some bodily function, then this has it.

Athletic Greens claims that they have formulated this specifically for athletes (or active people in general.) All the ingredients are to support energy, recovery and digestion. And they also like to point out that this is great if you’re traveling. As we all know, being on the road is tough. Airport food courts aren’t an oasis of big leafy greens. And there’s something about traveling that makes us throw our diet discipline out the window. (If you’re like us, you tend to maybe order one or two extra glasses of wine on the road, as well.) Mix up a little Athletic Greens in your hotel room and you’ll get all those plant-based nutrients you need.

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How Does It Taste?

We really hate giving advice on taste. Everyone is different. Some people like certain bold flavors. While others think warm milk is too spicy. Some cultures that eat fermented fish spines would gag at a bowl of Raisin Bran. And that’s what makes the world an interesting place! Does this have some taste to it? Yes, it does. Is it a strong taste? Well, it’s not not strong. Some people online had an issue with the taste. While others liked it.

So we are always hesitant to bring up the taste of anything we cover. If you hate bold flavors, this may not be right for you. But also, maybe you should eat outside the box. Or inside the pouch. Strong tastes aren’t bad. Think of this like your daily dose of plant-based medicine. One strong-tasting glass of water each day is a small price to pay for gut health, liver health, immune support and all the antioxidants you could ask for.

Is Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder Organic?

With that many ingredients, there’s no way it can be fully USDA-certified organic. But it is certified by the NSF — the National Science Foundation. As well as the United States Cycling Association. Although they are a sponsor of the US Cycling Association.

It’s also nut free, dairy free, non-GMO, vegan (obvs), egg free and sugar free. It is safe for all the big diets like keto and paleo. And the fact that it’s a powder means your body absorbs it faster than other forms of supplements.

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One scoop per day. Each scoop is 12 grams and contains 50 calories. They recommend mixing one scoop with five to ten ounces of cold water. If you like a whole lot of taste, go for five ounces. If that is too much taste, opt for ten ounces. The more water you mix it with, the weaker the taste will be. You can use as much water as you like, too. If you want to put it in 20 ounces you can. But that’s a lot of water to drink all at once. You can also mix this with almond milk, pea milk or any other dairy alternative. Just don’t eat it dry. That won’t taste good.

Another helpful hint is to add the water in first. Then drop the scoop in and mix it up. It’s easier to mix that way. And you should do that with any powder you consume. Mix it all together and chug it down.

Two Important Notes: Take it on an empty stomach and use cold water

Be sure to take it on an empty stomach and with cold water for the most effective absorption. Most people take this in the morning (or whenever they decide to break their fast). You can take it before a workout or after. It’s up to you. But just try to take it on an empty stomach if you can. And mix it with cold water.

Also, pop it into the fridge after you’ve opened it. The probiotics inside love it when it’s cold. So they will stay alive (and more effective) for a longer period of time if you keep them in the fridge. If you forget, no worries. It won’t “spoil” or make you sick. It will only lose some of its effectiveness. And you should try to use the whole pouch within ninety days of opening it.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder TO BECOME EFFECTIVE?

This is similar to the taste question. Everyone is different. And everyone’s metabolism is different. But most supplements won’t make you feel different ten minutes later. And if you do feel lighter or more energetic it could be the drink. Or it could be psychosomatic. We can never tell! So, we always try to look at this sorts of products like any other vitamin or mineral we take each day. If you’re like us, you don’t feel any different after taking a multivitamin. But you feel better knowing that you’re helping your body function better.

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SHOUL DYOU TAKE Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Powder DAILY?

According to Athletic Greens it is. The benefits from all these adaptogens and vitamins and nutrients have a cumulative effect. Is there science behind that? We’re not totally sure. But we know that eating one apple per month won’t get the job done. There’s a reason they said an apple a day will keep the doctor away. The only problem with taking Athletic Greens daily is the cost. This pouch is nearly $100. Each pouch has 30 servings, so that’s $100 per month (yeah, we are great at math.) On the flipside, you can potentially stop taking a daily multivitamin if you opt for Athletic Greens. So there’s a bit of a savings there.


Yes. They test for heavy metals and other contaminants. They are also GMP certified, which means their manufacturing processes are audited twice a year. And we already mentioned they are NSF certified. This is pretty rigorously tested.

So Should You Buy It?

Are you cramming fistfuls of leafy greens in your face all day every day? If you answered that question “yes” then you probably don’t need Athletic Greens. And we are impressed with the way you eat. But if you’re like most of us, you could use a plant-based boost. So we give this our full recommendation. The price is a bit steep. But the fact it can replace other supplements means the $100 monthly cost can actually be a bit less.