Lazarus Naturals: Would We Recommend It To A Friend?

Lazarus Naturals CBD

Lazarus Naturals Company Overview

Started in 2014, just as the industry was about to take off, Lazarus Naturals opened shop in Portland, Oregon. Fully committed to delivering effective and affordable CBD products, they are one of the leaders bandwagon in helping people help themselves. They also help disadvantaged communities by teaming up with non-profit organizations and donating to several causes, including The Epilepsy Foundation and Women In Need. But perhaps most impressive, they started the Assistant Program at the company to ensure the all veterans, those on long-term disability, and low-income households get a 60% discount for life.

With sustainable farming practices and consistently high-quality production processes in place, the company is still growing strong, with three farms in Central Oregon and new products and innovations to come. And their customers rave about their generous assistance programs. They offer 60 percent off most of their products for veterans, people on long-term disability, and low-income households. You do need to provide documentation to qualify for the discount.

Very interesting. But inquiring minds want to know, do they deliver on their promises?

What Kind Of Products Do They Make?

Lazarus Naturals has a wide range of full spectrum products, including:

  • Topicals (lotion, massage oil, balms, muscle gel)

  • Capsules/Softgels

  • Edibles

Many of these products are available in standard and high-potency formulas, with the CBD content per serving size clearly marked in the product description. Lazarus Naturals’ products are very reasonably priced, compared with other vendors. They also offer some affordable bundles to allow you to sample a variety of products at once. 

How Is The Quality Of Lazarus Naturals Products?

Lazarus Naturals uses ethanol to extract the CBD from their hemp. Compared with carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, ethanol extraction leaves more terpenes in the final product. There’s also a risk of residual solvents, but Lazarus Naturals says they do an additional purification and distillation step to remove any leftover solvents. Their manufacturing facility follows the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs)Trusted Source, which is an important indicator of product quality.

Their products don’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Although they’re not currently certified organic, the company hopes to achieve organic certification by 2021. Finally, most — but not all — of their products are vegan-friendly. You can find the vegan label on the product page.

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Are Their Products Safe?

Every single one of Lazarus Naturals’ products take part in third-party testing by Columbia Laboratories, formerly known as PIXIS Labs. Columbia Laboratories is an ISO 17025-certified testing lab. 

Customers who want to learn more, can easily access certificates of analysis (COAs) on each product page by clicking on “test results” and finding the corresponding batch number. The batch number is listed right on the product label.

Where Do They Source Their CBD From?

According to their website, the majority of their hemp comes from a company-owned farm in Oregon. That goes for all of their full-spectrum products and most of their isolate products. The other 30 percent of their hemp is outsourced from farms certified through the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program.

What Is Their Brand All About?

Lazarus Naturals founded the company on the sole belief that quality CBD should be accessible to everyone. How do they keep their prices affordable? By owning the process from start to finish, from their hemp farms in Central Oregon, to extraction, formulation, and packaging. Think effective not expensive.

They also seem to have nothing to hide. From the organic hemp they farm, to their continually innovative products, they focus on consistency and sustainability. As we mentioned, they were one of the first leaders in the CBD industry, so they know a thing or two about how to be successful in it.

What Do People Have To Say About Them?

The Good

One reviewer on couldn’t get enough of Lazarus Naturals’ full spectrum tincture saying that they “had used others in the past and this one seems to work better”. They also said that they could feel the “therapeutic effects” and they noticed “calming and a deeper sleep” as well.

On Reddit, one user who had tried all kinds of edibles from other brands, just tried Lazarus Naturals’ CBD fruit tarts and said “they’re one of my personal favourites”.

Review site Daily CBD says that Lazarus Naturals stands out for its “unmatched combination of quality and affordability”. They went on to give the brand high marks across the board and in the end said that they would “strongly recommend Lazarus Naturals, especially if you’re on a budget”.

On the topicals side, one reviewer on the Leaf Report went so far as to call their CBD lotion a “miracle cream”. They even went on to say that “Lazarus Naturals is the best CBD company” stating “you get the highest potency and the lowest price”.

Another reviewer on Mashable echoed the claims of the last reviewer saying that the CBD lotion “works miracles”. They said that without it they “would not be able to walk any significant distances or participate in moderate hiking”.

The Not-So-Good

One Redditor said that they experienced some inconsistencies with the effects of Lazarus Naturals tincture. They said they would take “small doses to bigger doses and have varying results, mostly undesirable ones”. They asked if anyone found the same issues in the thread, however no one else had the same experience.

A reviewer on Mashable complained about the taste of the tincture saying that it “smells and tastes awful”. They went on to say that it was so bad they “almost couldn’t keep it down”.

One unhappy customer wrote on Clinical CBD that after taking the capsules, they felt “groggy, very tired and lethargic”. They also mentioned that the effects seemed to “come and go and are constantly changing” during the same.

Another customer on said that the fruit tarts had an “unpleasantly strong aftertaste”. However they did go on to say that despite the awful taste, they seemed to get the job done.

The Verdict: Would We Recommend Lazarus Naturals To A Friend?

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our in-depth analysis and it appears there’s a lot to love about Lazarus Naturals. Though there is some divide at times, it appears to be a trustworthy brand known for transparency, affordable products and commitment to environmental and social issues.

So whether you’re looking for a little help to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, or simply enjoy the many benefits CBD has to offer, it’s hard to top Lazarus Naturals for quality and affordability. Strongly recommend!

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