Your Ultimate CBD Lube Shopping Guide

CBD lube shopping guide

Just when you think they’ve found every possible use for CBD – BANG – we’re slathering it on our pleasure parts. There’s little in the way of scientific evidence on the benefits of CBD lube, specifically. But research has found benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids like THC that could theoretically translate to the bedroom. Benefits like relaxation, increased touch sensation, and better blood flow could make sex more enjoyable. But what should you look for when your perusing the aisles of your local or online sexytime shops? Our ultimate CBD lube shopping guide will answer all your questions.

Plus, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of cannabinoids could also make sex more enjoyable. Especially for anyone suffering from painful sex due to menopause, vaginismus, and vulvodynia.

Are you CBD lube-curious and considering giving it a go? Getting the right product can help you get more, more, MORE for your money.

Tips for Shopping for CBD Lube

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a CBD-infused lube.

CBD Lube Shopping Guide: Choose the right type of lube

Not all lube is created equal and same goes for the CBD-infused ones. Some are water-based, some oil. Some are made specifically with lady parts in mind while others are for the anus, which everyone’s got.

Here’s a general rundown of your options and what the difference is between them:

Water-based CBD lube

These lubes are oil-free, which makes them latex-safe. Oils can break down latex – which is what most condoms are made from. Make sure you stick with this type if you use condoms or any other latex barrier or props.

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Oil-based lubes

The beauty of oil-based lubes is that they stay slippery. While water-based lubes can begin to feel sticky after they’ve been on your skin a while. Oil has a thicker consistency that works better for anal play, too. That said, they’re not safe for use with latex or poly-isoprene condoms. And barrier protection is always a good idea. Especially if you’re having anal sex which carries a higher risk of STI transmission. If you want to give oil lubes a go, buy oil-safe condoms made from polyurethane or nitrile.

Stimulating lubes

Like your usual run-of-the-mill lube options, some CBD lube brands also make lubes infused with ingredients that add a little extra oomph by way of nifty sensations down there. Ingredients like cinnamon and ginger can help heat things up – literally – and cause some tingling made to awaken the senses. For some, this can be quite pleasurable, but if you have especially sensitive skin, you might find it irritating.

Scented and/or flavored

Yep, some CBD-infused lubes are scented and even flavored for your pleasure. Depending on the ingredients used to add scent or flavor, some CBD lubes are safe for ingestion (hellooo oral pleasure!) and some might be off-putting or even unsafe for ingestion. Read the fine print before having a lick.

CBD and THC lubes

Some CBD lubes also contain THC. While THC can produce psychoactive effects when used other ways, you’re unlikely to get high from using a weed lube. That said, depending on the amount of THC in the lube and how much you use, it’s not impossible. The mucus membranes in the genitals and especially the anus can absorb THC. So stick with the recommended dose or opt for CBD lube without THC to avoid it completely.

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Sprays, liquids, suppositories

Whether you spray it or rub it on, or insert it comes down mainly to preference. Some people like the tidiness of a spray. As for suppositories, these tend to be reserved for penetrative sex –anal or vaginal—and really don’t offer anything for manual or oral stimulation unless throwing fingers and/or toys into the mix.

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CBD Lube Shopping Guide: Know what’s in it

We already touched on other potential ingredients, ranging from THC to additives used to increase sensation or add scent or flavor to CBD lube.

Be sure to read the label to identify every ingredient in the lube before you buy. This can help you avoid ingredients THC if you prefer to or need to because of an upcoming drug screening. Yes, a drug test may be able to detect THC if you apply a weed lube or have sex with someone who’s applied it.

That said, you don’t want to rely on the label alone. Research shows that many CBD products sold online are mislabeled.

This brings us to the next tip…

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CBD Lube Shopping Guide: Check for quality

You never want to skimp on quality when it comes to CBD products. And now that we think about it, don’t skimp on the quality of any product you’re applying to your genitals. That seems obvious, we know.

When choosing CBD lube, not only do you want to choose a reputable CBD brand with excellent reviews; you should also read the product’s certificate of analysis (COA), which should be easily accessible on the company’s website.

The COA shows that the product has been tested by a third-party lab for purity and potency. It tells you how much CBD is in it, what other cannabinoids are present and how much, and also shows potentially harmful contaminants like heavy metals or bacteria.

Happy shopping!

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