What Type of CBD Products Work Best for Dogs?

types of cbd products for dogs

Many people are curious about how CBD products can benefit their dogs. And while there is plenty material about why CBD can help our four-legged friends, there isn’t as much about how to actually give it to them. After all, it’s not like you can teach them how to vape.

Here are the best types of CBD products for dogs.

CBD Oil Drops

The most standard way to give CBD to your dog is through oil drops. Simply take the desired dose in a dropper and squeeze directly into their mouth. This has the benefit of knowing exactly how much CBD you’re giving your dog at any time. However, pet owners know that convincing them to sit still while squeezing drops into their mouth isn’t very easy. You could also try putting the CBD liquid into a water syringe and squirting it directly into your dog’s mouth. But that’s only if they won’t play ball with the dropper.

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Put CBD Drops on a Treat

If you’re struggling to get your dog to enjoy their CBD oil drops, consider putting the drops on a treat or another piece of food your dog likes. This is a pretty common way for people to give dogs their medicine already, so it will work with CBD as well.

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CBD Capsules

If you own a dog, you’ve likely given them a pill at some point. So you’ve probably figured out the best way to trick your dog into eating those pills, whether it’s putting it with their food or wrapping it in cheese. CBD capsules and pills will work similarly, and you won’t have to worry about wasting any drops or liquids during your unsuccessful attempts to get your dog to eat them.

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CBD Balms

Many people enjoy using CBD creams to directly apply to their skin and enjoy the benefits that way. This is trickier for dogs because of their fur which prevents the CBD balms from getting absorbed by the skin. But if your dog is experiencing skin-related ailments that allow for direct contact, there are balms, creams and salves on the market that you can rub on your dog. And these products are usually made so they’re perfectly safe for your dog to lick when they inevitably do.

Now if you can teach a dog how to vape, we’d love to learn how you made it happen.

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