The 3 Pros and 3 Cons of CBD Capsules

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pros and cons of cbd capsules

From edibles and oils to topicals and vape pens, CBD comes in so many different forms that it’s hard to choose just one. Obviously, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take CBD is by using CBD capsules. While all of these may be effective ways to take CBD, each delivery method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Most people experiment with a few different forms and then choose their favorite based on their needs. To help you understand, we break down what CBD in capsule form does, as well as three pros and cons of CBD capsules.

CBD capsules come in vegan and gelatin-based forms. Sometimes, the capsules contain other natural supplements along with CBD — for example, a CBD capsule for rest might contain melatonin or valerian extract, as these both may enhance your sleep. 

Interested in trying it for yourself? Here are the pros and cons of using CBD capsules.

Three Pros of CBD capsules

One of the main advantages of using CBD capsules is that it’s a very easy and simple way to use CBD. If you want a no-fuss way of getting CBD into your body, this might be the best delivery method for you. There are also a few other benefits of CBD capsules.

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Pro #1: It’s quick and easy to take

Taking a CBD capsule is no more complicated than taking a daily multivitamin.

While vaping might be unfamiliar to you at first, and measuring out CBD drops could require a little math, CBD capsules are really like any other capsules. Most can be simply swallowed with water or juice. 

Capsules are also convenient to use because you’re less likely to get the dosage wrong. It’s easy to accidentally pour out too much CBD oil, for example, especially since you need to calculate exactly how many drops you need. It’s also easy to have a “snaccident” and eat too many CBD-infused brownies or gummies.

With CBD capsules, though, each capsule in a pack has the same amount of CBD in it. Which means you know what you’re getting with each dose. 

Taking too much CBD could lead to some side effects, like nausea, fatigue, or a change in appetite. It’s also not economical to take any more CBD than necessary, especially if you’re using premium CBD products.

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Pro #2: It’s discreet

Let’s face it: CBD is a little stigmatized because it’s associated with cannabis. More serious complications could also occur, so always be aware of what (and how much) you’re taking. We always recommend starting with a smaller dose and moving up. Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand CBD and thus are judgmental towards those who use it. 

In time, those people will hopefully become more informed about CBD and more open-minded when it comes to these products. But until then, it may be necessary to use a discreet form of CBD, especially if you don’t want to explain it to your nosy housemates.

This is where CBD capsules come in handy. Unlike a vape or a pre-roll, a CBD capsule looks pretty inconspicuous. They look like any other capsule, really, especially if you use a pill organizer or something similar. 

So, if you have a closed-minded roommate, CBD capsules might be your best bet.

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Pro #3: There’s no aftertaste

Some people like the herbal taste of CBD, while others feel neutral about it. Many people, however, find this flavor very off-putting. These people will probably dislike using CBD oil, eating CBD edibles, and smoking CBD.

If you dislike the taste of CBD but still want to feel its benefits, CBD capsules might be a good choice for you. Because they’re capsules, they don’t have any real taste, nor an aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. 

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Three Cons of CBD capsules

While there are many benefits of CBD in pill form, it also has a few disadvantages. Here are three cons of CBD capsules.

Con #1: It doesn’t work immediately

While CBD oils and vapes get to work within a few minutes, capsules take longer. Some people find that the time it takes to take effect can vary greatly. Be sure to always be aware of that. If an hour goes by and you don’t feel anything, that doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

This is not ideal if you need immediate relief. However, if you’re taking CBD on a daily basis it’s still worthwhile.

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Con #2: The dosage isn’t easy to customize

It’s easy to know how much CBD you’re getting when you use a CBD capsule, because each capsule in a given bottle contains the same amount of CBD. As mentioned, this can be convenient.

One drawback is that this set dosage makes it a little difficult to adjust your CBD dosage. If you have 20mg capsules but want to take 25mg per day, you can’t have one and a quarter capsules. Instead, you’ll have to opt for five 5mg capsules or two 12.5mg capsules — which means you need to have a little foresight when making your purchase.

To avoid this issue, find capsules that contain smaller amounts of CBD — say, 5mg or 10mg — until you figure out your ideal dosage. Once you’ve found the best dosage for you, look for CBD capsules that fit your dosage. 

Con #3: It’s a little… boring 

Compared to delicious CBD gummies, brownies, coffees, fruit chews, and exciting products like CBD-infused bath bombs, flavored vapes, and body oils, capsules seem pretty boring. 

If the novelty of having the latest trendy CBD product is important to you, then capsules might not seem like the most appealing delivery method. However, if you want a no-nonsense and easy way to take CBD, capsules might be your best bet.

Often, in order to find the best delivery method to suit your needs. You may have to try different forms of CBD — it’s the only way to really figure out what you prefer! 

Like every other delivery method, CBD capsules have a few advantages and disadvantages. To figure out if they’ll work for you, ask yourself what’s most important when it comes to using CBD. Do you need it to be fast-acting? Easy to use? Fun? From there, you can look at the pros and cons of CBD capsules to figure out whether it’s worth trying.

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