CBD Lion 1000 mg Tincture

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CBD Lion Tinctures 1000-5000 mgs

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This CBD product can either be taken orally or added to food and drink.

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The Greenest Says:

I had to double check the zeroes on this one! 5000mg of CBD in a 30mL bottle may seem like a lot, but the truth is, CBD in its pure form is pretty weak. This tincture gives you a much more reasonable amount to work with, considering there are no other cannabinoids or THC in the tincture to add to the overall effect. 166.7 mg/mL is a very strong dose for someone just getting into CBD, but for someone with severe anxiety, this may be right up their alley. – Willy Christie

Flavored Tinctures: CBDLion offers flavored, THC-free oil that might be just right for younger or pickier consumers that don’t like the idea of an earthy or flavorless oil. It does contain artificial ingredients, but is lab tested for quality and cleanliness. Good buy for the price, but keep in mind this is essentially CBD isolate with flavor. – Willy Christie

What are the CBD Lion Tinctures that range from 1000-5000 mgs?

The CBD Lion Tinctures are products containing only CBD and no other cannabinoids. The product is gluten-free, vegan, organic and non-GMO. The tincture is either flavorless or flavored for either oral consumption or to add to food and drink.

How Much CBD is in it?

As the name suggests, there are 1000 to 5000 mgs of CBD in these tinctures – depending on which product you purchase.

Will This Get You High?

No. This tincture does not contain any THC, which is the cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects and a high. Since it contains no THC, it should not show up on any drug test, either.

How Much Should You Take?

CBD Lion recommends taking one dropper full of the tincture at a time. There is approximately 33.3 mg of CBD in one dropper.

Who is this Product For?

CBD Isolate products are perfect for anyone who is interested in the benefits of CBD, but does not want to consume any THC at all. On one hand, we don’t think CBD Isolate products offer all the benefits of full spectrum or even broad spectrum products. But on the other hand, they are good starters for those who would like to try CBD without any THC. We do recommend moving your way up to full spectrum products when you’re ready.

How Long Will it Take to be Effective?

CBD oils and tinctures usually take about 10 to 15 minutes before the effects are felt. But this will change from person to person depending on their body chemistry.

Yes. There is no THC in this tincture, therefore it is legal in all 50 states.

Is This Product Tested and Certified?

Yes. CBD Lion tests all of their products with independent, third party labs. They publish all of these results on their website. And CBD Lion was involved in an additional third-party lab test by Leafly in 2019. The test results showed that CBD Lion products were accurately labeled in terms of how much CBD and THC was on the label.

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